3 days and 19 shows between circus, music and theater

3 days and 19 shows between circus, music and theater


“Go Pop”!

Circus, music and theater from this year blend with literature and philosophy: the old village of Capocastello in Mercogliano, Avellino, will be the usual scenario of Castellarte, the International Festival of Artists on the Road, at its XXIV edition, which will take place from 28th to 30th July 2017 in the sign of  pop art.

Nineteen events divided into 3 evenings: 7 circus art shows, 10 musical shows, 2 theatrical performances and in addition the great novelty: the literary festival “Oltrepop. Play Literature “and” Castellarte meets the Village of the Philosophers “.

Seven sections:

  1. Circus

  • The Sbrindola, the juggling duo, loved by the rapper Salentino Caparezza, endowed with Frank Zappa’s creativity and the devastating energy of Sex Pistols.
  • The Japanese Eisuke Saito, from the National School of Circus of Sori blends in his art the tradition of Japanese ritual juggling and the dynamism of the modern western circus.
  • Hungarian puppeteer Bence Sarkadi joins the tradition of Central Europe with contemporary theater.
  • US Mike Rollins with his physical and humorous theater that brings the spectator to a surreal perspective.
  • The Argentine Duo Laos, a pair of acrobats known throughout the world for poetry and athletics of their performance.
  • Japanese acrobat-performer Miyako Ishidate, known as the Eastern Siren for its seductive style and the creativity of its performance, which takes place in a plastic bubble with magnificent costumes and light games.
  • Spanish acrobats Bic Cirque. Their performance with airplanes, acrobatic staircases and trapeze tells a love story full of symbols and meanings.
  1. Music

  • The musicians of San Crispino, the marching band named after the patron saint of shoemakers who make their shoes to errant music. Their line up ranges from Polk Romagnole to Techno.
  • Multiethnic inspirations for Veeblefetzer, including indie-folk, gipsy, swing, rock’n’roll. They play like Tom Waits celebrating for three nights in a row with Joe Strummer at Emir Kusturica’s wedding.
  • The Tuscan Fantasia Pura Italiana, already on the stage of Calcutta, I Ministri, Il Teatro degli Orrori and many others, bring Castellarte a theater-song show that reflects on contemporary society.
  • Lumanèra is an irish group that draws on tradition by contaminating it with world music, flooding the audience with warm southern atmospheres.
  • Maleizappa, from Caserta, sound like tv show mixed with amphetamine, they are bad, ironic and desiccating.
  • Michele Roscica likes to define himself as a “man-orchestra” as he plays dozens of instruments alone and take ispiration from the blues and the Neapolitan song to create his street magic.
  • The Batà Ngoma, from Naples, are inspired by African sounds. They seek a peace that the contemporary man may have forgotten.
  • Democrats and psychedelics, ‘O CiucciariellO have opened the concerts of Roy Paci, Bandabardò, Tonino Carotone, Almamegretta and others. Their madness feeds on Balkan, Mediterranean and funky sounds, as well as stories of the strange characters of Valpolicella.
  • The Pennelli di Vermeerare almost art-rock because they range from progressive to songwriting, passing through electronics and folk.
  • The Easy Lovers, a gritty and alternative band, have a sound that remember the greats of rock.
  1. Theater

  • The 99th Place Theater will perform with the show “Red Keeper … sometimes the real wolf appears in the mirror”, written and directed by Paolo Capozzo, also premiered as digibook.
  • “Eutydem” freely drawn from the homonymous Platonic dialogue by the Koiné Association of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Salerno.
  1. Literary Festival

Organized by the Oltrepop Group, it will offer lunch meetings with authors, literary walks, book presentations, documentary views and, for the first time in the world, the “Eschaton Tournament”, a game created by US novelist David Foster Wallace and described In his “Infinite Jest” masterpiece.

  1. Festival of philosophy

With “Castellarte meets the Village of the Philosophers” begins the collaboration between the Festival of Philosophy and the Feast of the University of Salerno. Different moments with the philosopher Emilio Baccarini and the theatrical performance “Eutidemo” of the Association Koinè.

  1. Crafts

During the three days of the Festival there will be many artisans in the workshops set up in the ancient cellars of Capocastello or in the stands located in the narrow streets of the village.

  1. Wine & food

The event promotes the Irpinia through its three DOGC wines Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo, but also through the artisan beers and the products of many young farms. Four Taste Areas will be located in the most fascinating spots of the village.

This year, Castellarte received the High Patronage of the Chamber of Deputies, an important recognition of cultural value, a demonstration that the event has created a successful formula for promoting the territory, thanks to the union of entertainment, culture and food and wine.

Where: Via Acqua del Pero, 7 – Capocastello, 83013 Mercogliano (AV)

When: July 28 to 30, 2017

Timetable: 18.00 to 24.00

Price: free event


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