“‘A Chiena”: a party between buckets and flooded roads

Discover A Chiena, a party between buckets and flooded roads

Discover A Chiena, a party between buckets and flooded roads


From July 16 to August 17, 2017 in Campagna, in the province of Salerno, returns ‘a Chiena, the flood. It is a water party based on the overflowing of the Tenza River, a tributary of the Sele, which leaves its natural bed and floods the city through an artificial “man-made” river.

The event, of ancient origin, has become a great folklore event, unique in the world, which is repeated every year. Originally the flood began to clean up the city from the plague of ‘600, or perhaps simply because of the need for street and shop to clean the main streets from animal excrements during the summer when rainfall is rare.

The event take inspiration from the Seventh Fatigue of Hercules, which change the direction of the river Alfeo to clean the stables of King Augia. Until a few centuries ago, Rome flooded Piazza Navona with the River Tevere. In Turin, in 1700, a little stream of river Po was used for cleaning  the most important streets of the city.  This acient hydraulic engineering project is still being realized in Campagna, thanks to which thousands of tourists discover the traditional Chiena, between legend and traditions. There are many appointments: every Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning there is the ‘walk’ where adults, children, boys and the older, find themselves walking with the water up to their ankles in a festive atmosphere, or  sitting for a drink outside bars that are open in front of  the city’s main street.

On Sunday afternoon, however, there is the “secchiata”: In swimsuit, you go down the street and throw buckets of water, of course respecting the people, to fight the summer heat and make a refreshing in  the cold and crystalline waters of the river. Finally, on August 16 and 17, there is a ‘ Chiena of midnight’ where, at midnight, with thousands of tourists  the city is flooded for the last “chiena” of the year. Between musical performances and the unusual a suggestive scene  is created  and this is the charming peak of the event , giving  unrepeatable emotions.

The 2017 program is packed with many events: in addition  there will be music and dance events in the square.


From 15 to 31

Space for Sport with the Summer Cup, organized by the Ignis Association.

Saturday 22

  • 14:30Chiena Folk: Folk Animation by “ballando per le strade”
  • 20:30Dance in the Square by “ballando per le strade”
  • 22:00 – Picarielli Folk Music Concert 

Sunday 23

  • 15:00Chiena Folk: Folk Animation by “associazione cordace”
  • 21:00Bellizzica Drums: Orchestra of Drums directed by Emidio Ausiello
  • 21:30 – Triotarantae’s popular music concert 

From 28 to 31

‘I portoni ghiottoni’, a gastronomic itinerary in the historic center of Campagna


Saturday 05

14:30 ↔ 15:30 – Walk 

Sunday 6

12:00 ↔ 13:00 – Walk
15:00 ↔ 16:00 – Buckets

Saturday 12

14:30 ↔ 15:30 – Walk 

Sunday 13

12:00 ↔ 13:00 – Walk
15:00 ↔ 16:00 – buckets

Wednesday 16th to ‘Chiena of Midnight’

Thursday 17th to ‘Chiena of Midnight’

How to reach Campagna from Naples

96.1 km

By car

1 hour 16 minutes

From Naples Piazza Garibaldi, highway A3 towards Salerno, continue on A3 until the exit Campagna.


By the train

1 hour 19 minutes

Naples Centrale direction Battipaglia

Battipaglia direction Campagna S.P.

Warning: The trains do not cover the nocturnal rides


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