Tableaux vivants Caravaggio - Museo Donnaregina

Tableaux vivants Caravaggio - Museo Donnaregina


At the Monumental Complex Donnaregina, Diocesan Museum of Naples, returns the show Tableaux Vivants, taken from the works of Michelangelo Merisi called Caravaggio.

The performance, directed by Ludovica Rambelli, literally gives life to the splendid works of the painter of light and darkness, by relying on the eighteenth-century technique of living pictures, which is intended to compose a canvas with true actors in front of the audience.

Tableaux vivants are a work of extreme simplicity and a great deal of emotional impact: in the eyes of the visitors, 23 caravaggio canvases are made by bodies of 8 interpreters with the help of commonly used objects and draped fabrics. A single cut of light illuminates the scene, as framed in an imaginary canvas, the changes are all at the moment, rhythmically marked by the notes of the music of Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Sibellius.

These magnificent tableaux are replicated in the enchanting and evocative scenery of the Monumental Complex of Donnaregina. An absolutely unique and unforgettable experience. A great pièce that confirms its success in every representation.

Directed by: Ludovica Rambelli

Help Director: Dora De Maio

On stage: Andrea Fersula, Serena Ferone, Ivano Ilardi, Laura Lisanti, Chiara Kija, Antonella Mauro, Paolo Salvatore, Claudio Pisani.

Date: 12 and 26 November, 10 and 30 December

Hours: 10:30 – 11:30 – 12:30. On Saturday, December 30, the only evening, will be represented the canvas The Seven Works of Mercy.

Costs: The ticket of 10,00 € includes a free visit to the entire Monumental Complex of Donnaregina and to the splendid and rich Diocesan Museum of Naples. For groups of at least 15 participants € 8.00, for up to 300 viewers for reply.


Reservation is required by mail – [email protected]


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