Cliff Diving on the Amalfi Coast: Marmeeting 2017 in Furore

Cliff Diving on the Amalfi Coast Marmeeting 2017 in Furore

Cliff Diving on the Amalfi Coast Marmeeting 2017 in Furore


31° MarMeeting 2017: High Dive returns in Furore

The most spectacular competition returns.

On Sunday, July 16, at 2.30 pm, the Amalfi Coast becomes the absolute star of sport and performance with the World Championship of diving from the heights.

Cliff diving on Amalfi coast: 31° MarMeeting 2017

Rai Sport cameras will shoot live superman stunts: divers from all parts of the world will compete in a race with a high difficulty coefficient from a 28-meter-high peak to the sea where the speed during the fall will be 100 km/h.

A spectacular event that can be followed from the land and the sea to admire the acrobatic evolutions that characterize this fascinating competition, which came to its 31st edition.

The location will be again be the fascinating Furore Fjord, where fifteen athletes will keep the audience with  breathtaking performances  from the platform positioned at the level of the road bridge. The winner will  conquer the Mediterranean Cup of diving from high heights.

To judge the performance of the diver, there will be five judges, while a sixth judge will be in the Rai station to provide the technical comment for the live tv show.

“In other parts of the world, divers are national heroes, here they are in a familiar dimension,” explains Oreste Varese, the founder and organizer of Marmeeting: “It’s a continuous emotion. Furore is the Acapulco of Europe and this year will host the best divers in the world. Our project target a group of sea enthusiasts who want to spend their holidays actively, taking part in shows, guided tours and food and wine tours. It’s not a coincidence that Marmeeting provides a system of coordinated activities and organize history and natural beauties tours with a large network of tour operators”.

It’s a Sports competition , but also love for the sea and the desire to spread the culture of respect for marine resources without forgetting the tourist aspect. The hotels also  thanks to this event are full. ” We are born With this spirit we are born and we will continue through this road in spite of the difficult economic period,” Varese last words. Thanks his commitment to the cause, diving from the heights in the 2020 will be  an Olympic discipline.

On Saturday, July 15, at 2:30 pm, the athletes will make dive tests to better understand the incidence of the sun and get confident with the place.

Stunning scenery, crystal clear sea water, great cuisine and unforgetable events. Furore offers this and much more and this weekend you will have an extra reason to visit the Amalfi Coast, absolutely don’t miss it!


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