Dal Soldino

Dal Soldino

Restaurant & Pizzeria

Restaurant and PizzeriaDal Soldino” was born in the year 1910 under the name Astarita. The restaurant works with only quality products and a selection of local ingredients, offering a menu based on characteristic Neapolitan and Campania products, such as San Marzano tomatoes of the Sarno Valley, buffalo mozzarella, and through a selection of Campania wines. The ambition is to offer a traditional Neapolitan menu that follows the history of the Neapolitan cuisine but always with an eye on new culinary trends.

Our Pizza is the result of study, experience and experimentation in the making of the dough, that allow us to serve a highly digestible pizza and also to surprise our customers with healthy pizza’s, such as the 5 cereals Pizza, whole wheat Pizza or our special spelled Pizza.



Via Carlo de Cesare, 59, 80132 Napoli (NA).

+39 081 41 39 25

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