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Once you arrive in Naples, in order to enjoy the city and to be able to travel in peace and security you will need some information. You will wonder how to move, what are public transport in Naples, , whether it makes sense to take them or is it better to rent a car, or you may be wondering where are certain offices, where to change money.

On this page you will find the answer to these questions plus a series of useful information for your trip to Naples.


Useful information for your trip to Naples

Informazioni utili per il tuo viaggio a Napoli

While you are in Naples it is important that you are aware of some things that could be useful during your stay.
If you come to Naples from a non-EU country, you will need a currency exchange to change your money in euros or to know where your nation’s consulate is, the the helpful and emergency numbers in Naples.

Below you will find useful information:


Information on how to move in Naples

Informazioni su come muoversi a Napoli

Naples is a large city, it has 2 metro lines, a railroad pass, 4 funiculars, the Circumvesuviana, about 130 bus lines, Cumana and Circumflegrea railways, so it may be complicated to orient yourself to the best.
Our guides will help you make the best use of public transport in Naples, and if you prefer to move around, how and where to rent a car or any vehicle in Naples.

Here are a few useful information on how to go around Naples:

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