If you are on vacation from a non-EU country you will need to make currency exchange in Naples. We’ve written for you this guide on everything you need to know about the currency in Naples and its related services, including banks and currency exchange offices.


Official Italian Value

Cambio valuta a Napoli

The official currency In Italy is the Euro (€) (the same of most of the western Europe).
The Euro is divided into 100 cents (centimes, centesimi), with two decimals after the comma, so in Naples, as in the rest of Italy, you’ll see prices displayed like this:

€10,00 (ten euros); or €3,14 (three euro and 14 cents), etc.

Euro paper money: colors and values of the italian currency. Euro paper money comes into different colors and sizes depending on the face value. If you travel to Naples, you should learn to rapidly recognize the value of banknotes by the color to be sure of how much you are spending.

Here’s a list of the colors and their respective values:

Violet: 500 euro note (the highest-value euro banknote); Yellow: 200 euro note; Green: 100 euro note, Orange: 50 euro note; Blue: 20 euro note; Red: 10 euro note; Grey: 5 euro note;

Euro coins. There are coins too: 2 euro coin and 1 euro coin are made of two different metals, 50, 20 and 10 euro cents coins are made of golden metal, and 5, 2, and 1 euro cents coins are made of bronze.

Get currency exchange in Naples

Where and how to get currency exchange in Naples. Once you arrived in Naples, you will need italian money.
If you’re asking where and how to get italian currency, you can do it in one of the currency exchange desks of the city, they will change your money for a little fee. You can find currency exchange desks in the airport and in the train stations too but, usually, they take a higher fee.

If you don’t like to go around taking too much money with you, you can also use your credit or debit card, but you will pay the exchange for every payment you do, so we recommend you to get a prepaid travel card.

Anyway, we recommend you to always have some money with you when you go around in Naples, because sometimes it won’t be possible to pay with card, especially for small amounts of money.

Currency conversion. For a visitor, it is very important to make a correct currency conversion.
But currency value always changes, for example, the rate of exchange from Euro to GBP (British Pound) is now (November, 2016) 1 to 0.89, so if you pay 10 euros for a pizza you spent about 9 pounds, but 5 months ago the rate was 1 to 0.78, so, 5 moths ago, the same 10 euros pizza costed 8 pounds instead of 9. Besides, every country has its currency so it’s difficult to stay current.

For every kind of conversion (Euro to US dollar, Euro to Indian Rupee, Euro to Japanese Yen etc.) you can use our online currency converter.

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