Save on your accommodation in Naples staying at a friendly and affordable Bed & Breakfast (B&B). The Bed and Breakfast in Naples an excellent option for those who want to visit Naples for less. When you are around from morning to night, in fact, a comfortable bed and a generous breakfast are not perhaps all that one needs? Besides being cheaper, the B&B are often family-run and the staff can provide first-hand information about the city.

There are Bed and Breakfast in all of Naples then you can choose whether to stay in the center or further out.


Serendipity B&B is an unexpected discovery a few steps from the central station

Chiaia Suites

An amazing B&B in a monumental complex

Sweet Sleep

Sweet Sleep B&B is just 120 meters from Naples Central Station

Suite dei Catalani

Its rooms depict the most significant monuments of Naples

B&B Tecla

B&B Tecla is a small, friendly hotel in the historic center of Naples

La Casa di Sofì

La Casa di Sofì is a cozy B&B in the center of Naples

B&B Phoenix

B&B a few steps from the sights of the city


Funikulì Funikulà

Montedidio Unoè

Isa Guest Rooms

B&B Travellers

Sfumature Partenopee

B&B dell’Opera

Musto B&B

Resta Cu Mme

Soggiorno Paradiso


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