Bed and Boarding

Bed and Boarding


Bed and Boarding is a whole new way of conceiving the rest during a trip.
independent units that find space inside the airport of Naples Capodichino, accessible 24/7, which offer to tourists and travelers the best way to spend a night in Naples.
A safe, comfortable and cheap place to stay in Naples in a convenient and functional way but also an intimate place for rest, take a shower, change clothes between a trip and another, all this without leaving the airport area.
Each living unit is designed to meet user needs: each module is equipped with a bed, work-station and private bathroom with shower. Privacy, high quality, low prices. Optimize expectations, find your intimacy: with Benbo comes a new way to travel.




Viale Fulco Ruffo di Calabria, 10, 80144 Napoli (NA).

+39 081 197 308 00

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