If you are in Naples with your family or if you just love close contact with nature; if you are fascinated by the animal world and want to spend a day of lightheartedness and amazement, then don’t miss the chance to visit the Naples Zoo. This stage will enrich your travel with a dive in the green, shortening geographic distances in front of your eyes and showcasing spectacles of flora and fauna that will excite children and that will also bring adults back to their children. So relax and enjoy a moment dedicated to the fun and the knowledge with the discovery of the park.

History of the Zoo of Naples

The Naples Zoo, inaugurated in 1949, is located in the Fuorigrotta area and has always hosted numerous animal species, including endangered. Inside it, you can also admire the stretch of a road from the Roman period, right in the area of ​​the nearby Mostra D’Oltremare.

The Naples Zoo became famous throughout Europe since the second half of the 20th century, because it was considered an ideal place for scientific research. In fact, dozens of animal species at risk of extinction were welcomed in their natural habitat. Among its most important achievements are counted the first birth of klipspringer Oreotragus oreotragus and King Vulture in the world, the giraffe antelope in Europe and the black rhinoceros in Italy.

On October 2013, a Neapolitan entrepreneur found the Naples Zoo to recognise this significant heritage of the city and give it back that prestigious international role he enjoyed in the past.

How to move and orient in Naples Zoo

Animals in the Naples Zoo

Here are some of the most beautiful specimens you can admire at the Naples Zoo, including a newborn puppy of Siamang.

Mute Swan


Ring-tailed Lemur



Harbor Seal

European Brown Bear


Sumatran Tiger

Red-necked Wallaby

Patagonyan Cavy

Fallow Deer

Bactrian Camel

Srilankan Leopard

Serval Cat


Coati (Nasua Nasua)

Blue and Yellow Macaw







Mini Pig

How to reach the Naples Zoo, times and tickets

Location: Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 76 – 80125 Naples

Getting to the Naples Zoo is very easy. If you use public transport, just take the Cumana railway and get off at the “Edenlandia” stop. Cross the street and after a few meters on the right you will find the main entrance of the park. If you drive by car, take the exit of “tangenziale” (bypass) Fuorigrotta or Agnano and follow the signs to the zoo or to the Mostra D’Oltremare. At the entrance you will find a guarded car park.


Summer Time (1st April – 31st October): 9.30am – 7pm in Weekend and Holidays / 9.30am – 6pm midweek

Winter Time (1 November – 31 March): 9.30 – 17.00

The ticket office always closes one hour before the closing of the park.


The entire ticket costs 10 euros, with the possibility to skip the line at the entrance if you buy it on the authorized website: 

Access for children under the age of 3, over 70 and for the disabled is free.

What to visit around the zoo in Naples

The Naples Zoo is located in the district of Fuorigrotta and near the Mostra D’Oltremare, the largest space in Naples for fairs, congresses and music and theater performances. Visit to find out what events are going on during your stay in Naples or relax with a quiet walk in the wooded park, where citizens and tourists can enjoy a magnificent monumental area, devoting themselves to leisure, sports and culture.

Just a few feet from the Mostra D’Oltremare you can see the stadium of SSC Napoli, (Stadio San Paolo), the second stadium in Italy for the capacity and main multi-sport facility of the city.

The entrance to the Naples Zoo is also adjacent to the Bowling Oltremare, a place suitable for entertainment to enjoy in company, offering bowling and other activities such as: billiard, paintball, volleyball, table tennis, slot machines, 5d cinema, airsoft gun and more.

Finally, right next to the zoo, is situated the fairy-tale playground Edenlandia, currently closed for renovation but close to reopening.


For other useful tips on how to best spend your time while visiting Naples, see other articles.


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