Among the numerous things to do during your trip you can't miss shopping in Naples.
The city of Naples boasts a great tradition of craftsmanship which concerns more than just food: the craftsmanship in Naples ranges in various areas and in all these Naples is considered an excellence. Among all these, the famous Neapolitan crib art stands out. Each figurine alone has a great artistic value and, in addition to the crib, buying a shepherd could be a great idea for a souvenir in Naples.
Naples also boasts a great tailoring tradition: the Neapolitan tailoring is known and appreciated throughout the world and if you are a fashion enthusiast you should go to one of the historic Neapolitan tailors or do a lbit of shopping in one of the streets of fashion in Naples.

Craftsmanship in Naples

Craftsmanship in Naples is very developed and, in many cases, reaches excellence. A case famous throughout the world is that of the Neapolitan crib art, which is concentrated in the historic Via San Gregorio Armeno, home of the oldest workshops where master craftsmen make the famous shepherds that are real masterpieces.
Another famous craft tradition of the city is the Neapolitan tailoring: it is famous and appreciated all over the world, and many famous people such as politicians, Hollywood stars, sportsmen and great entrepreneurs come to Naples from all over the world to be able to wear clothes made by their trusted tailor.

Souvenirs in Naples

There are several reasons why you should come here: a holiday, a business trip, an adventure, but one thing is certain: before you return you will want to buy souvenirs in Naples. In the city you can find all kinds of souvenirs, from art objects to the most fun ones. Among the souvenirs most requested by tourists there is the typical good luck horn, but there are many more to choose from. If you don't know where to look for them, check out our list of gift shops in Naples.

Fashion in Naples

During your trip to Naples you'll want to spend some time shopping. You can keep calm, shopping lovers can find all kinds of shops in the fashion streets of Naples.
Via Scarlatti, Via dei Mille, Via Filangieri and a bit of the whole Chiaia district are perfect for luxury shopping as they host boutiques and high fashion shops. Via Luca Giordano is also famous for its designer shops. In Via Toledo and near Piazza Garibaldi, however, you can find all the most famous shopping chains. Finally, the historic center is full of shops and stalls where you can do great business. Just know how to search. And if you don't know where to look, Visit Naples will help you.

Typical products in Naples

The typical products in Naples will delight you so much that you will feel the desire to take them home with you. You can do it. Sweets, pasta, cheeses, cold cuts, you can bring with you all the flavors that have made you fall in love with Naples. You can find them in the shops of typical products in Naples.