Where to eat in Naples is something you need to know to visit the city in the right way. Because Naples is a city with a rich culinary tradition and eating pizza and all the delicacies of the typical Neapolitan cuisine is a must-do for every tourist. During your visit to Naples you will be interested in knowing where to eat the best Neapolitan pizza. If you are on holiday in Naples with your partner you may be interested in a romantic dinner on the waterfront and maybe you will look for a good place to eat fish in Naples, while if you are a more adventurous traveler you will want to travel around the city making quick meals then, that will be useful to know where to eat cheaply in Naples in the historic center. Whatever your reason for visiting Naples, here you'll find the best places to eat in Naples.

Pizzerias in Naples

Eating pizza in Naples is mandatory for every tourist. The pizzerias in Naples are filled every day with tourists who want to eat pizza. Not just any pizza, the real Neapolitan pizza: a dish famous throughout the world, the result of a centuries-old tradition that has recently become a UNESCO World Heritage. And who are the bearers of this tradition? Pizzaioli, of course.
You too, during your trip to Naples, will want to taste this delicacy, that's why we have collected for you the best pizzerias in Naples.

Restaurants in Naples

Neapolitan cuisine is really rich. There are many traditional dishes and they should be prepared and enjoyed according to tradition. Those who want to eat well the Neapolitan cuisine and be served by skilled hands can eat in one of the many restaurants in Naples.
In the restaurants in Naples you can taste all those first courses not to be missed such as Genoese, meat sauce, pasta and potatoes with provola and pasta and beans, or a beautiful eggplant parmigiana like the one you might find in a house of Quartieri Spagnoli.
Travelling with your sweetheart you'll want to treat yourself to a romantic dinner in Naples. The ideal place is a restaurant by the sea in Naples where you can eat fish, seafood and other treasures that the sea offers to Neapolitans. There are many recipes based on fish but, above all, the mussel soup in Naples is a must.
In short: Naples satisfies every palate, you're spoilt for choice. To make things easier for you, we have collected the best restaurants in Naples.

Street food in Naples

A trip to Naples is also about excursions, long walks, intense days and quick and cheap meals. Don't worry, even the street food in Naples is full of flavors: traditional or modern recipes that make even a quick lunch a special experience.
To eat in the historic center of Naples the traditional street food just look around: at every corner there are pizzerias, fry shops and rotisseries ready to serve you for a few euros a "beautiful pizza a Portafoglio" or a typical Neapolitan "cuoppo", full of fried Neapolitan panzerotti (better known as potato crocché), zeppoline and scagnuzzielli of fried polenta. For the most refined palates there is also a seafood cuoppo, with fried prawns, squid and anchovies.
In addition, in a lively city like Naples you can find all the dishes of international street food. All you need to know is where to look. You can do it here, for example, in our list of the best street food in Naples.

Bakeries in Naples

"Naples", "pastry", two words that go very well together. A trip to Naples to remember forever must include many "sweet" stages: you must taste the sfogliatella, both curly and shortcrust and decide which is your favorite, then the baba, the pastiera and many other sweets of the Neapolitan tradition. Stop by many bakeries in Naples and taste as many as you can, you won't regret it.
Be careful where you go: Naples has many historic bakeries and each has its own specialty. To make sure you make a good choice take a look at our list of bakeries in Naples.

Fast Food in Naples

During your trip to Naples you will have a lot to visit and little time to eat but it is true that you will need a lot of energy and to find it you will need to make full meals. What is the solution? Fast Food in Naples. Eating in a Fast Food will allow you to make hearty meals, spending little and also finding a refreshment. Ideal for those who travel. That's why we've collected the best Fast Foods in Naples for you.