The Naples Pass: your key to the city

Naples has so much to offer you can get lost when deciding what to do, and what first. How many times have you seen tourists standing and unfolding a map, or trying to ask for information about something they can’t pronounce well? Thankfully, someone has come up with a solution to that.

The Naples Pass makes things easier. You don’t have to spend so much time putting all different kinds of information together, trying to sort out the best way to experience Naples. It can help you almost like a friend who has already been in Naples, and has many tips to give you. 

Naples Pass: discounts and benefits on museums and events in the city

You can have up to 40% off in shops, restaurants and hotels taking part in the Naples Pass system. Think about how many times you wonder “what’s best?”, or the one on the route. Now it’s set and ready.

You can have discount and priority in the city events connected to the Naples Pass. If you want to take the chance to be there when it happens, then you have a treat too, thanks to your card. You can enter museums either for free or with 50% off in Naples. That is always good news, especially if you are many people willing to visit them.

You can have discounts on tours, walks and excursions with a guide in Naples. Another treat your card gives you.

Naples Pass, the available versions: offline guides of Naples, ArteCard and other

It is a card to access all the attractions of Naples, and you can see it both online and offline on your smartphone. You can get what you are looking for just putting your finger on the screen.

All this with the Naples Pass! You will enjoy Naples in a new, smart way, making the most of it.

Available in the following versions:

3 days for who are in town for the weekend. A quick bite, but still tasty.

7 days for a whole week to capture all that Naples can give

You can go to the official website to discover all the benefits of the Naples Pass.

Love and live Naples with the Naples Pass!