Food & Drink in Naples

Naples is a city of great culinary tradition that starts from the pizza, a worldwide famous food, and reaches up to the gourmet kitchen. A good trip to Naples provides many stages through the flavors and the typical products of the city: pasta with Ragù (meat sauce) or alla Genoveseseafood, and desserts such as puffs and Baba can not really miss.

Naples is also famous for its bars where you can get the real Neapolitan espresso, but also a drink or a glass of wine, either in the evening or for an aperitif.

It will be useful to know the activities in Naples where to find all of this, which is why we have compiled a list of the best places to eat and drink in Naples area.


The best places to eat in Naples

Dove mangiare a Napoli

Naples is a city full of culture, pizza, spaghetti and all traditional Neapolitan cuisine is a landmark of all the cultures that have been in Naples.
You can find all types of kitchens, from gourmet to traditional ones, from Italian to Japanese and from all over the world. We chose for you the best restaurants in Naples, the best pubs, pizzerias and street food you can find in the city.

Here are the best places to eat in Naples:


Best places to drink in Naples

Dove bere a Napoli

The espresso in Naples is a magical rite that you absolutely must try, read our list of bars in Naples to have a coffee like a real Neapolitan. If you want to have a drink or an aperitif you can find the best Cocktail bar and Lounge bar in Naples.

Discover the best places to drink in Naples:

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