Cuori di Sfogliatella


Since 1987, the ancient pastry shop “Cuori di Sfogliatella”, delights the palate of the typical Neapolitan sweet and cake lovers. In the stores scattered around Naples, the unmistakable smell of freshly baked sfogliatelle spreads. The quality of the ingredients, the love for tradition and the inviting originality, distinguishes the work of Antonio Ferrieri, the owner of the pastry shop.

“Many hearts, in just one pastry” this is their motto. A new touch to the traditional Neapolitan pastry, making use of the old recipe whilst adding imagination and skill, with the intention of creating a new “ sfogliatella” variant. Each sfogliatella has its traditional “heart”, made of semolina, candied fruit and ricotta, but with an extra flavor. Each sfogliatella has a different filling, depending on the season. Typical summer tastes are the fruit flavors such as, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, lemon, coconut, orange and berry. Autumn and winter are accompanied by  the delicious varieties of ricotta and pear, coffee and chocolate.

At the workshops of Cuori di Sfogliatella, many delicious savory sfogliatella snacks are baked every day, according to Neapolitan gastronomic tradition.

The evolution of the sfogliatella.  In fact, Antonio Ferrieri has also renounced the shape of the original sfogliatella with the Vesuviella a Vesuvius shaped sfogliatella with a chocolate heart and finally the KonoSfoglia “the sfogliatella that becomes a cone with delicious sfogliatella ice cream”.




Store in Naples

Corso Novara 1/E 1/F, 80142 Napoli (NA).
081 28 56 85

Piazza Garibaldi 93/94, 80142 Napoli (NA).
081 20 24 69

Every day from 06:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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