Gallucci Cisterna Dell'olio

Gallucci Cisterna Dell’Olio


Gallucci Cisterna Dell’ Olio, a historical Neapolitan chocolate shop, has planted its roots in the historic centre of Naples since the end of the 19th century. The only chocolate shop in the register of over one hundred years old companies in Naples.

Gallucci Cisterna Dell’ Olio produces more than 80 types of cuddings, 42 flavours of chocolate bars and 14 flavours of spreadable creams. The continuous search for the best raw materials includes Gallucci Cisterna Dell’ Olio chocolates, an excellence in Naples with its products famous all over the world.




Centro Storico
Via Cisterna dell’olio 6/C, 80134 Napoli (NA).
+39 081 551 31 48

Via Bernini 100, 80129 Napoli (NA).
+39 081 049 16 66

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