You are in Naples and want to know where to eat authentic Neapolitan pizza? Only in Naples you can taste the best pizza in the world or eat in the first pizzeria in the world.

Naples offers a variety of historical pizzerias where you can enjoy a fried pizza, a pizza in the oven or if you want to feel a true Neapolitan, try the pizza a portafoglio (pizza “wraparound”). The wraparound pizza is a pizza folded in on itself and thus eaten in the street.

Trianon da Ciro

The Trianon pizzeria is a must for the Neapolitans and tourists

Antica Pizzeria & Trattoria al ’22

Ancient Pizzeria and Trattoria in the historic center of Naples

Dal Soldino

The real traditional Neapolitan cuisine and a large variety of Pizzas

Gino Sorbillo

Widely recognized as one of the Best pizza in Naples

Zi Teresa

Restaurant and Pizzeria Zi Teresa, in the Borgo Marinari, is one of the restaurants most evocative of Naples


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