Antica Pizzeria & Trattoria al ’22


At Antica Pizzeria & Trattoria al ’22 the homely atmosphere, more than anything, is the secret ingredient to make you enjoy even more the wallet pizza’s, crocchés, the characteristic Neapolitan dishes and of course the pizzas. It is a pizzeria of genuine high quality, run by the third generation and present at the Pignasecca since 1935.  The key to success is the Neapolitan pizza of Giovanni Improta, a professor for the association Verace Pizza Napoletana , which brings Neapolitan pizza to the world, holding seminars from Brazil to Australia.

22 is the house number in the Pignasecca where the pizzeria of the Improta family has been located for over 70 years. Giovanni runs the business together with his father Federico. He is always at the forefront of creating entertaining initiatives for the Pignasecca, one of the neighborhoods in the historic center visited by many tourists. The menu emphasizes tradition by bringing together classic pizzas in the new section of the menu called Bourbon pizzas. Amongst these, the Pizza of the Two Sicilies, where the soft dough is covered with San Marzano tomatoes, fiordilatte, extra virgin olive oil and pecorino cheese.

Antica Pizzeria & Trattoria al ’22 makes you enjoy the magnificent experience “Pizza Experience” with the intention to give participants the experience of being a Neapolitan pizzaiolo for a day. It’s a journey into the ancient culture of pizza, learning by playing, a unique way to learn the secrets of the pizza. Courses will take place in Italian, English and Neapolitan, a language recognized by UNESCO world heritage site. The pizzeria will be closed to public to allow an exclusive experience. Everyone will receive a attendance certificate, a personalized apron, a shopper, a Neapolitan gadget, and not least the energy and philosophy of Neapolitan life.




Via Pignasecca 22, 80134 Napoli (NA).

+39 081 552 27 26

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