The culture of Naples food comes from the poor people that lived the whole day around the city and so the neapolitan cuisine has a lot of food recipes perfect to be eaten on the street.

Are you in Naples and you want to know where to eat the true Neapolitan Street Food?  Only in Naples you can taste the best pizza in the world eaten on your way, and feel like a real Neapolitan.

Naples offers a variety of historical pizzerias where you can enjoy a fried pizza, or try the pizza a portafoglio “. The pizza a portafoglio is a pizza folded in on itself and thus eaten on your way.

You can find theese and other recipes in our list of the best places to eat street food in Naples.


The first Toasteria in Italy, a place where TOAST is the absolute main character

Passione di Sofì

Passione di Sofì is the best way to enjoy Neapolitan Frying

I Love Murtadell

I Love Murtadell the first Street Food of mortadella in Naples

Bell e Kavr

Pizzeria, Rotisserie and typical cuisine in the heart of Naples


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