Passione di Sofì

Street Food

Passione di Sofì is a part of the world where the tradition of Neapolitan friggitoria comes to life in all its fiery uniqueness.

A place that keeps the veracity intact that is the soul of the world’s best cuisine, enveloping the customers in a typical Neapolitan lively atmosphere, while in their mouths melts the taste of our specialties wrapped in straw paper cones.

Sofì’s cuisine reflects her love for the genuineness of the products, always cooked to preserve and enhance their characteristics. A new cuisine that never forgets the lessons that made Neapolitan gastronomy great in the world. Original, unique and innovative recipes that still have the taste of tradition. A modern tradition.



Store in Naples

Via Toledo, 206, 80132 Napoli (NA).
081 40 51 41

Via Benedetto Croce, 42, 80134 Napoli (NA).
081 551 78 97

[email protected]ì.com

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