Shopping in Naples

During a holiday you may want to go shopping for souvenirs and typical and local items, or want to afford a bit of Shopping.

In this sense, Naples has a wide variety of shopping streets, shopping areas, markets, boutiques and shopping malls where you can go for cheap shopping and bargain shopping. The most important ones we have listed in our list of places for shopping in Naples.


Shops and Craftsmen, Shopping in Naples

Shopping a Napoli

Naples offers plenty of shopping, high fashion stores, artisans, outlet stores and lots of other shops. There are many shopping streets full of shops of all kinds, shopping malls and markets to meet your every need. Naples is a handicraft town, strong in its great tradition of famous sculptors, tailors and craftsmen famous all over the world for their art hand-drawn from generation to generation.

Below you can find the best shop and artisans to do shopping in Naples:

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