Vincent Trade


Vincent Trade is a spokesperson of a new innovative conception of Neapolitan dressmaker in order to combine tradition of two different generations of fashion handcraft experts with fresh style contemporary adapted at each single moment during a modern man day.
Vincent Trade project starts from the centrality of fabric choice that appears to acquire a soul through a careful study of materials and models in order to elevate personality who wears it.
Vincent Trade fabrics contribute to create fashion clothes that are not limited to follow a just well known trend but they make some new ones, becoming essentials dowels of a creative process as tailor experts and cutters in charge of manufacturing. The cut sign, exact dressmaker vision gets from particulars: fashion colours, precious fabrics, exclusive design, researched ability to wear only made in Italy suits.



Via Boscofangone Zona A.S.I., 80035 Nola (NA).

+39 081 821 01 23
+39 081 821 07 87

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