Visit the most popular tourist attractions, many of which are free. If you love history or modern art, you will not be disappointed.

The permanent collections of many of the attractions below are free admission, while special exhibitions usually expect a payment of a ticket.

The most famous red buses in the world will take you to explore Naples

with City Sightseeing Napoli

Live and visit Naples as a true neapolitan

with Vascitour

Discover the Catacombs of San Gennaro and San Gaudioso

with Catacombe di Napoli

Explore the wonders of Naples underground

with LAES

Discover all the wonders of Campania

with Pompei In

Visit the wonders of Campania Archaeology

with Archeologia a Napoli

Discover Neapolitan music

with Napulitanata

Visit the hidden beauties and the secrets of Naples

with Le Capere

Excursions in the enchanting scenery of the Amalfi Coast

with ScalandTrekking

Travel in time and in the history of Naples

with Timeline

Discover Naples, a city created on the tomb of a siren

with Mani e Vulcani

Admire the wonders of Campania

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Explore Naples and the Amalfi Coast

with Cammarota Bus & Limo Service

Explore the wonders of Campi Flegrei

with Visit Campi Flegrei

Discover the art of Naples

with Galleria L’Ariete

The history of Naples and the Inquisition

with Museo delle Torture

San Lorenzo Complex

Explore the Sorrento Coast in Kayak

with Massa Lubrense Sea Kayak

Visit the most beautiful places in Campania

with Napoli City Vision

A boat trip to discover the coasts and islands of Naples

with Boat’n go

Visit the most beautiful places in Campania in full relax

with Napoli NCC

Explore Naples and all its main attractions

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Enjoy the Neapolitan cuisine

with CiuCiù Chef

Admire the views of Naples by bike

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