Catacombe di Napoli

Catacombs of San Gennaro and San Gaudioso


San Gennaro catacombs are the most important ones in all south of Italy and they represent an extraordinary historic and artistic destination. In 5600 square meters you could appreciate some of the most precious painting still intact, and the wonderful “basilica maior”, an underground basilica completely dug in tuff.

The inner of San Gaudioso catacombs has structured in tunnels and dark caves, decorated by considerable artistic proof which revisit both V-VI sec. (painting and mosaic) than XVII sec., age of basilica building. Very fascinating the sculpture of Christ dead carved in tuff stone.
These are places where sacred art meet with old knowing of sepulture and where catholic liturgy join perfectly in Neapolitan superstition, you can discover and live the most fascinating, mysterious and unknowable of Naples.



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