CiuCiù Chef at home


Chef at home

CiuCiù Chef, certified chef who operates throughout the Campania territory and, with greater intensity, in Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and Capri.

CiuCiù Chef offers high-quality cuisine, typically Parthenopea, which puts its hands in traditional recipes but with constant attention to innovation and new trends.

Forget the stress of doing the shopping, cooking, setting up, serving and cleaning, CiuCiù Chef arrives and takes care of everything you need for your lunch, dinner or a special event or catering service: the choice of high quality seasonal products from trusted suppliers, preparation of a sought-after menu and studied with you according to your preferences, table setting and table service where required.

If you are visiting for the first time in one of the locations where CiuCiù Chef, certified chef, works, you can not miss the opportunity to take part in his cooking classes, a unique experience of taste: CiuCiù chef comes with his staff directly at the structure where you will be during your stay, whether it is a vacation home or a luxury villa.

CiuCiù Chef, as good as at the restaurant, as quiet as your home.


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