Le Capere

Le Capere


Three women from Campania, passionate about their region, with a great desire to talk about that what many times is invisible to the eyes of tourists and even for Neapolitans themselves. This desire is what made come to life the association Le Capere: women telling Naples.
Just like the ancient combing ladies that went from door to door and brought with them all kinds of interesting and curious information, Laura, Valeria e Margherita talk to attentive and curious ears about the stories, traditions and culture of Naples and Campania.
“Our goal? We want to help you to discover the most beautiful and evocative places, through art tours, archeological tours, gastronomy, nature and much more! In other words: visiting Campania with us, will make the ancient gossip become culture! ”
Everything starts with the choice of the curious and catchy name, that at the same time is strongly linked to the Neapolitan history. Le Capere in fact were not simply “inciucesse” women that just gossiped. They were women ready to reveal secrets of others, but first of all they were hard workers, combers passing from a ‘basso’ (single room house on the ground floor) to a noble floor, from a commoner to a rich matron, ready to satisfy and entertain their clients with curiosities and legends.
Like them we will tell stories, legends and interesting facts of our beautiful Campania!



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