Museo delle Torture

Museo delle Torture


The Naples Torture Museum, Museo delle Torture is unique in its kind. The idea of concentrating this unknown collection in one place is by Paolo Lupo. Paolo Lupo, driven by a big interest in Naples’s history, the love for his city, and by a passion for strange objects related to torture, collected over 60 pieces. His collection is still growing, and so is the museum.

Naples was one of the few cities in which the inquisition never took completely root. As a matter of fact the Museo delle Torture di Napoli, wants to astonish without getting horrified. Its main purpose is to illustrate one of the darkest periods of history to stimulate constructive reflection.

It tells the story of Naples, which in fact, opposed twice the settlement of the Inquisition court: showing the example of a people who made themselves strong for their freedom!




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