Holidays in Naples with Vascitour for visiting the city with a local inhabitant. You will have the possibility to sleep in a typical Neapolitan house the “Basso” or “Vascio”, to have lunch or dinner in a Neapolitan’s home and visit the city with a local inhabitant. Your “Fratammè” (that means “my brother” in Neapolitan dialect) will be your personal guide and will make addictive, exciting and emotional your holiday. Vascitour selected for you the nicest local guides to make you know our culture and tradition. Thanks to our itineraries you are going to see authentic and original places, you are going to eat typical meals and you are going to meet kind and funny people.

We offer you an unique experience thanks to the authenticity of Neapolitan popular soul and Neapolitans’ enthusiasm. Vascitour works respecting the principle of responsible and sustainable tourism and promotes a process of environmental, social and economic sustainability. People, places and culture are our keywords. Our vision is “The guest is one of us”! Our mission is sharing values like legality, respect, hosting and spontaneity.



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