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Attractions and places in Naples

The list of attractions and places in Naples that you must see is very long: just stroll around the historic center to understand that the points of interest in Naples are in every street, corner or alley.

Many squares, museums, art galleries, churches and museums to visit make Naples a rich destination, with a lot of things to see and this richness increases if we consider the province and neighboring towns too.

Yes, in addition to the list of attractions of Naples city, you have to consider the list of places to visit near Naples, such as Pompeii and Herculaneum and their archaeological sites or the towns and beaches near Naples famous throughout the world as the Amalfi Coast or the romantic Capri.

 To make sure you don't miss anything you'll have to plan your visit well so here's a list of attractions and things to see in Naples.

Le migliori attrazioni

Le attrazioni di Napoli in un colpo d'occhio