The bond between Naples and football is visceral, it is something so deep that it is difficult to explain in words, you need to live it to understand it. We are seeing the greatest demonstrations of this in these months, with SSC Napoli one step away from becoming Italian champion after 33 years. We are talking about a triumphant journey, a Serie A dominated from start to finish. All that is missing is the mathematics, which should arrive very soon, perhaps as early as next weekend. 

Given the Azzurri's very large lead over the pursuers, the city has been celebrating for weeks, months. Entire neighbourhoods are plastered with posters, banners and celebrations of all kinds. They range from the alleys of the city centre to the suburbs: no matter where, the whole city is united in giving glory to Napoli. In short, the Neapolitans always go above and beyond in everything, and football is not exempt from this; on the contrary, it becomes the means through which they demonstrate all their mad passion. In view of the outbreak of the definitive celebrations, we have thought of the iconic places, those meeting points of the historic third Azzurri Scudetto.

5. "The Diego Armando Maradona" Stadium

Should the maths happen after a home game, the 'Diego Armando Maradona' stadium will certainly be the starting point of the party explosion. It will be there that the irrepressible joy of an entire people will start. We are in the Fuorigrotta district, an area well connected to the city's central streets. Just pass the Galleria Laziale to reach the seafront, another cult location for the celebrations. A starting point but also an arrival point, since it is here that the long-awaited award ceremony for the footballers, the heroes of the Scudetto, will take place. The official date is still missing, but it will certainly be between 3 and 4 June. Two days that will be indelible in the minds and hearts of Naples and the Neapolitans.

4. The Mergellina seafront and Vittoria square

Another step of the party will inevitably be the Mergellina promenade. We are in the area immediately following the stadium, so it is also convenient to get there. It is natural to unleash all the long-suppressed joy in one of the city's symbolic places. In addition, the still fresh memories of the national team's victory in the European Football Championship in July 2021 also come to mind. It must be said that that night was much more disorganised than the day of the Scudetto, as it was unexpected and improvised. The heart of the celebration was the seafront, with Piazza Vittoria being almost a rallying point where people gathered. We expect an identical outcome soon for Napoli.

3. The Maradona's Murales

For more than two years now, the Quartieri Spagnoli have become an authentic place of worship and pilgrimage for tourists, football fans and citizens alike. This is because the mural of Diego Armando Maradona can be found there, specifically in Via Emanuele De Deo. Since the day of his death, since that tragic 25th November 2020, this place has welcomed incredible numbers of onlookers and fans every day. Genuine queues are created, traffic jams that are difficult to contain. Especially taking into account the narrow alleyways of the Spanish Quarter. In view of the historic Scudetto, there are expected to be streams of fans ready to commemorate their hero once the historic goal has been reached. Precisely that incredible dream that until now only Diego Armando Maradona has been able to give to the city of Naples.

2. The alleys of the historical centre

Basic premise: it is difficult to find corners of the city without decorations. However, the cult places of Neapolitan folklore will certainly want to steal the show at such a historic moment for the city. Let us talk about the neighbourhoods belonging to the city's historic centre, those alleys full of warmth and passion, of Neapolitan blood. Let us start from Forcella, where the outburst of celebrations for the 1987 Scudetto remained in history. We find hundreds of metres of white and blue ribbons from one side of the street to the other, banners, flags and T-shirts hanging. The same applies to the Materdei area, where a staircase painted tricolour stands out in Vico Paradiso. In the Quartieri Spagnoli, a 'Vesuvius' has appeared, complete with eruption, in addition to the footballers' cartoons that are everywhere. In short, we don't even want to imagine what will be created in these chaotic and hot areas when it really gets festive. If these are the premises, there will be fun to be had.

1. Piazza del Plebiscito

If all the others are more 'improvised' places, due to euphoria and excitement, Piazza del Plebiscito will be the party, the party par excellence. That is the place where the heart of the Neapolitans' celebrations and joy will be concentrated. Here we expect the strong hand of the City of Naples to facilitate everything. We expect liveshows, music by the most important Neapolitan singers, entertainment. In addition to the Stadium, of course, this will be the place where the protagonists of the Scudetto, i.e. the players and the management of Napoli, will be actively involved. There is already talk of unofficial dates, with the planning of the awaited celebration in Piazza del Plebiscito set for Sunday 4 June. An entire day dedicated to Napoli and Naples that will forever remain in history.

When the Scudetto can be celebrated

We are truly one step closer to history. In fact, the official announcement could come as early as this Sunday, 30 April; this could be the historic date for all Neapolitan fans and citizens. What is needed is a victory for Napoli against Salernitana and a simultaneous failure of Lazio against Inter on Sunday at 12:30. In short, the scenario is possible, it is alive and readable, averts and superstition aside. All that remains is to wait until Sunday. And if not then, it will be Tuesday 2 May with Udinese v Napoli. In short, the party's hours are numbered.