Summer is officialy over, then fall starts, but Naples still give us so many precious opportunitites to enjoy its magnificences.

Let's take a look to what will come in the next months, talking about five of the several fall events that will accompany us and make us forget the torrid summer heat.

Omero, Iliade. MANN pieces in Baricco's pages

There will be the exhibit "Omero, Iliade. MANN pieces in Baricco's pages" in MANN until 10 January 2022. It's a so charming and interesting exposition that presents about fifteen finds of VI and IV century BC joining ancient iconography and the rereading of Omero's Iliade thanks to the writer Alessandro Baricco. The main piece is "Erma" of Romero, that is a bust of II century AD that is part of Farnese collection. 
We remind that the museum is located at the center of Naples, precisely in Piazza Museo Nazionale 19, and that the exhibition will be accessible every day except on thursday.

The exhibit "Pino Daniele Alive"

The exhibit started in Naples in 18 september and it will last until 31 december. During the exposition there are so many big photos of Pino Daniele, many images used for his album covers. Moreover, there are so many interesting and historical objects and instruments that are so beloved to the singer, for example there are guitars and the charming mandolin that Pino played during "Napul è" registration. It's a journey into Pino Daniele's life, a man who will never forget from Napoli's heart, a rediscovery of his mansterpieces.
The exhibit has place in Fondazione Made in Cloister, in Piazza Enrico de Nicola 48. It's accessible from thursday to sunday. 

Wine tasting on Vesuvio

A walk into the Vesuvio vineyards is such a wonderful experience, in particular thanks to the excellent tasting of wine and typical Campania products. Every day there are tour around the less frequented zones of the Volcanic area, discovering the famous vineyard of Lacryma Christi.
Together with wine get a chance to taste our local, strictly at kilometer 0 products, such as salami, provolone cheese, cherry tomatoes and a ricotta cheese-based pastry. So, it's an unmissable mixture of great food, discovering and adventure. 

Caos dentro: the Frida Kahlo's exhibit in Palazzo Fondi

From 11 september until 9 january the historical Palazzo Fondi hosts the special exhibit "Caos dentro", dedicated to the paintress Frida Kahlo, a woman who has been a symbol of the XIX century art. It's a deep journey into her life, rediscovering many important legs, many basic relationships ad the one with her lover Diego Rivera. We can admire her studio, the apartment where she lived after the numerous operations that she had. Moreover, there are two movies: the first shows the relationship with Diego Rivera, the second shows the consequences of her accident. The second one is such an interesting show because it's projected in the 10D theatre with many multisensorial effects. 
Palazzo Fondi is located in Via Medina and it will be accesible every day. 

The Claude Monet Immersive Experience

We talk about a so much beautiful exhibit dedicated to the majestic french painter Claude Monet, available in the San Potuto Church until the 20 october. The peculiarity of this magnificent show consists in the possibility to use the virtual reality with a screen and so much technology to appreciate the pieces of the impressionist artist. 
There are more than 300 Monet pieces projected on about 60 projector for a magic experience. In the end, in the last theatre children can take part to a workshop to reproduce impressionist art.
The San Potito Church is near the MANN and is accessible every day except on wednesday.