The Gulf of Naples: a dream setting for your wedding

The beauty of the Gulf of Naples expresses romance from every pore. It is no coincidence that many people, gazing into the blue sea, have decided to make the important proposal here. Marriage in Neapolitan culture is a serious matter, and you should celebrate it as such.

Here at Visit Naples, we'd like to offer you a series of suggestions for what we think are the perfect places for your wedding, both for the ceremony and the ceremony itself. Get your handkerchiefs ready; we'll get you excited!

5. Vico Equense and Sorrento Coast

Vico Equense is a beautiful Mediterranean jewel set in the Sorrento Peninsula among rocks overhanging the sea, citrus groves and gardens. And this alone would be enough to say that it is the perfect place for your wedding!

The proposals for a wedding on the Sorrento Coast are so many. Here are some of the most beautiful churches in the whole Gulf of Naples.

There is no shortage of ideas for a civil wedding either. Would you like to have the opportunity to get married on the beach and by the sea?!

Or are you two newlyweds who love adventure and high altitudes? Make your wedding unique and move up to the top of Monte Faito, having your first kiss as a married couple at the height of 1131 m with a breathtaking view in the background!

Religious wedding in the Church of the SS. Annunziata in Vico Equense

Vico Equense is proud to have what has been called the most beautiful church in Italy: the Church of the SS. Annunziata. It is in a genuinely suggestive panoramic position: overlooking the sea, set in a rocky outcrop that seems to hang in the void.

From the terrace in front of the church entrance, you can admire a breathtaking view of the entire Sorrento peninsula. The ideal place to take photographs with a high emotional impact will enrich your wedding album with unforgettable memories.

Civil wedding at the Cloister of San Francesco in Sorrento

In the historical centre of Sorrento, near the Villa Comunale, there is the wonderful Chiostro di San Francesco. Nearby are also the homonymous church, the birthplace of the famous poet Torquato Tasso and other essential monuments in Sorrento.

They built the Chiostro in 1300 on the remains of a 7th-century monastery. Its magnetic structure has styles from different eras and the remains of ancient pagan temples, which have made its architecture particular and suggestive.

The silence that characterises it and the natural vegetation that adorns it make the Chiostro di San Francesco an incredibly evocative place, which gives it an almost magical atmosphere. Its beauty and atmosphere have prompted the Sorrento Town Council to elect it as the venue for civil marriages, including open-air ones.

4. On a boat in the Gulf of Naples

Get on a sailing boat and have one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. What better way to say your "yes!" At sunset and with the sound of the sea waves in the background!

You can choose to do it on a traditional Latin sailboat or a typical Neapolitan gozzo. It is an ancient fishing or transport boat which used to be propelled by rowing or lateen sail. The inboard engine replaced the sail several years ago, but there are still many gozzo boats with coamings and masts.

Celebrating a wedding on a sailing boat is an incredible experience. You can live life on board to the full and discover and enjoy the most romantic views and panoramas of the Gulf of Naples.

Are you ready to say "Yes!"?

3. Wedding in Campi Flegrei

Campi Flegrei is the vast area located in the Gulf of Pozzuoli, west of Naples and its gulf. Here history and legend mingle.

Beautiful bays make up its coastline, where you can celebrate a fantastic wedding on the beach, go to the port of Pozzuoli and take photos for your wedding album. Say your "I do" at the bottom of the sea, in a unique place like the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia or on the shores of Lake Averno.

But the wonders certainly don't end there. Monte di Procida is a romantic wedding venue. Here you can enjoy the best views of the Campi Flegrei coastline.

The most panoramic terrace on the coast is, in our opinion, that of Al Chiar di Luna, a venue for weddings and events. It is an enchanting place with a breathtaking view. It is where Italian and foreign brides and grooms come to have their wedding ceremony. The venue provides an accurate wedding service from A to Z.

Its imposing and sophisticated spaces are the ideal stages for your wedding day. The settings pay homage to the local area: visual references to its Mediterranean architecture blend with the beautiful Phlegraean nature.

Al Chiar di Luna also prepares indoor weddings. A kind of cave with an enchanting panorama overlooking the islands of Procida, Ventotene and Ischia. The Sala Magna has a modern, state-of-the-art décor that welcomes guests in an elegant atmosphere of absolute warmth.

Its restaurant offers local fish delicacies that will take you and your guests on a sensory journey of moments of genuine delight.

Honeymoon in Campi Flegrei

Campi Flegrei is also the ideal place to spend your honeymoon.

Al Chiar di Luna is also a hotel. The rooms of the Relais, located on the three floors of the structure, are perfect for satisfying every need: with a refined design and complete with every comfort.

Thanks to the beauty of Campi Flegrei, your stay will be a pleasure both inside and outside the structure. The hotel offers several tours to discover the wonders of the area.

This natural paradise will be in front of you every morning when you wake up. The hotel is on a natural terrace overlooking the Phlegraean Fields. The rooms all have a panoramic window or balcony, from which you can admire the islands of the Phlegrean Gulf.

Its restaurant will always be at your disposal to offer you its traditional and refined cuisine, with raw materials and ingredients exclusively at km 0.

Tell the truth. You can't wait!

2. On the Islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida

Other perfect places for your wedding can only be the Neapolitan islands: Capri, Ischia and Procida. Locations capable of making your wedding day a truly unique event.

Places attract thousands of tourists every year and offer enchanting suggestions that can only enhance the wedding ceremony.

Wedding in the Grotta Azzurra on Capri

Capri is the most exclusive island in the Gulf of Naples, a source of great inspiration for elegant and refined events such as weddings.

A unique experience is getting married in the Grotta Azzurra. It is a natural wonder whose intense, luminous hues make it the perfect location for your photoshoot or wedding ring exchange.

The cake and confetti must be at the flavour of Limoncello, a local delicacy. And for the menu, in keeping with Capri tradition, absolutely fish-based!

Wedding on the Procida beach

Procida, with its colours, is the perfect setting for a dream wedding. Nominated the Italian Capital of Culture 2022, despite its notoriety, it has maintained its status of natural, wild and authentic beauty.

It is the ideal location for a beach wedding. Couples from all over the world come here to say their 'I do' in front of the enchanting Chiaiolella sunset.

Wedding in the Aragonese Castle of Ischia

Ischia is genuinely full of wonders that can make your wedding unique and special.

One of its most suggestive locations is the Aragonese Castle at Ischia Ponte. A place that deserves to be known in-depth but also particularly suitable for weddings. Here held civil and symbolic ceremonies: the celebrations happen at the ruins of the Cattedrale dell'Assunta. In the same church, Vittoria Colonna and Ferrante D'Avalos were married during the Renaissance.

1. Wedding in Naples

We can only end with Naples as the ideal place to get married. Naples is full of romantic spots and locations that will make your wedding unique.

It is the Italian city with the highest number of weddings celebrated in recent years. Here art, culture, history and traditions come together to create a unique atmosphere.

And then there is the scenic beauty: there are countless beautiful panoramas, picturesque views and breathtaking vistas that the city offers. Ideal settings for a dream wedding!

Wedding in the churches of the historic centre of Naples

Naples' historic centre is home to the city's most beautiful and ancient churches, the perfect place for your religious wedding. These include:

1. Sant'Anna dei Lombardi: a fantastic single-nave church with the Picolomini and Correale chapels inside. The external façade, with its Piperno arch, is also stunning; the Gothic atrium contains Domenico Fontana's tomb shrine.

2. Chiesa del Gesù Nuovo: this Baroque church is full of artistic treasures: from Solimena to Corenzio, Luca Giordano to Fanzago and Ribeira. The altar and flooring of the nave are also fantastic.

3. Santa Chiara: the church is enormous, with a single nave and ten chapels. Due to its size and majesty, we recommend it for weddings with many guests. Here you will find the beautiful majolica-tiled cloister (perfect for shootings) and the refectory (also used for wedding receptions).

4. San Lorenzo: is a fundamental church with a San Felician façade overlooking Piazza San Gaetano, once a Roman agora. But it is also a 'romantic' church because the legend says that is where Boccaccio met his Fiammetta here, probably Maria d'Aquino, daughter of King Robert of Anjou.

Wedding in the scenic castles of Naples

Naples is a city full of castles. The princess's fantasy of marrying Prince Charming is too strong to resist the allure of a castle wedding.

Many of the city's castles are available for civil ceremonies, and some even have banquets. It is the case with:

1. Maschio Angioino: They generally celebrate weddings in the Sala Della Loggia, which can accommodate up to 80 guests. The room must be booked between 20 days and six months before the ceremony and is available to each couple for a set time. Floral arrangements and music are permitted.

2. Castel Dell'Ovo: here, you can celebrate the ceremony in one of the rooms rented from the Municipality. The terrace is open for shooting. And once there, why not continue along the beautiful Lungomare!

3. Certosa di San Martino: we are in one of the city's highest points, where there is also the beautiful Castel Sant'Elmo. One of the fascinating structures and an undisputed symbol of the city of Naples. You can celebrate your wedding in the cloister or in one of its courtyards, which can accommodate from 100 to 300 people.