5. You shouldn’t visit Naples if you don’t like the heat of the sun and the warmth of the people

Maybe, the sky always sunny and the happines of Neapolitans are closely related, but certainty these factors make the same in your heart, in your mind and on your smile: the weather will make you happy and relaxed thanks to the long walking all day long without using an umbrella and the happy Neapolitan lifestyle will belong to you. 

The heart of the people of Naples is a mix of a lot a little big things: warmth, closeness, solidarity, kindness and joy. The Neapolitans are so warm and even they can't speak English or whatever your language is, be sure that a Neapolitan will do everything you need to make you understand the directions; furthermore, some Neapolitan could even try to teach you some words or some common dialectal saying in Neapolitan language and, suddenly, you will learn some words Unesco heritage, enriching your culture too. 

4. You shouldn’t visit Naples if you are coward...you'll become brave and passionate about mysteries

Do not visit Naples if you are scared about ghost stories and you don’t like mysteries. Naples is full of these creepy topics, but they are funny too. Ask anyone to tell you something about the spiteful and generous Munaciello, about some buildings of the historic centre haunted by ghosts, the legends and the superstitions rituals and you’ll realise that there is a different story in all the corners of the city.

Maybe, if you are lucky, the Munaciello could appear to you and bring abundance in your life. You’ll became rich? Successful? Maybe, maybe so, but this could be your condition: bewitched by Naples and surrounded bya ghostly presence, what else? Boo!

3. You shouldn’t visit Naples if you want all to yourself and if you are the jealous person

Before to Visit Naples, ask to yourself: 1) have you ever shared something you love? 2) How much patience do you have? 3) Are you the jealous person?

Visit Naples means have an aptitude for long-lasting activities because you have to wait in line for all the beautiful things to see. Naples is like a fascinating woman, a magic mermaid that could bewitch you, drewing your attention while crossing the street and steal your heart for ever.

The beauty of Naples is love at first sight with landscapes, colourful buildings, smells, food and much more and it’s better you learn to tire your neck and eyes to look right and left all day long in cause all the beautiful things that Naples offers to you; just like a beautiful woman, Naples takes your time because everybody wants to admire and experience its wonderful beauty.

As follows, experience the landscapes of Naples means to wait in line even just to take a picture because you won’t the only one to fall in love with it. So, you have to learn to convert yourself to the sharing philosophy in all the way; maybe, visit Naples means to be wise too.

Are you going to swim nearby Gaiola? Wait in line and start to sweat because it’s so an amazing place that there is always a crowd of tourists and Neapolitans too since early morning and, anyway, it’s not easy to reach.

Are you going to enjoy the best pizza ever in the historic centre? Wait in line at least a couple of hours before and start to starve, but you will be happy when a waiter shouts your name.

Did you list the Naples Art Museums to visit? You must learn to wait!

Anyway, it worth because you will wait in line for some Unesco heritages and they belongs to all…

2. You shouldn’t visit Naples if you don’t want become fat and happy

When you come to visit Naples, the historic centre, the art and the landscapes fill your heart. The food fill your heart again and your belly too, but it worth.

Neapolitan cuisine is tempting. You'll a wide choice among typicall dishes, sweets, streetfood and much more. Just because Naples could bewitch you, the smell of a cuoppo or a babà could drew your attention and appetite in an endless and tasty vortex with many others Neapolitan dishes. So, don’t visit Naples or you could get fat. Could you? Surely, you’ll do, but you will be fat and happy.

1. You shouldn’t visit Naples if you want to change it

Naples is enchanting, but a fussy tourist could find some imperfection even in the beauty of the landscapes and try to modify them with a photo editing app.

Don't come in Naples if this is your intention, it’s a waste of time and it's better to spend it admiring the evocative light and colors of Naples landscapes in all their flaws without adding some artificial filter, from people to food, from style of life to ways of expressing themselves, from organization to everything... because... 

Naples isn’t perfect but it’s magic.

Visit Naples with Naples Pass

If even our warnings were not enough to distract you then you should visit Naples in the best way.
Many tourists who think of visiting Naples decide to do it by purchasing Naples Pass.
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5 reasons why it's better not to go to Naples... and fall in love with the city and people

Before you decide to following this guide, you must remember well the Neapolitan proverb Voce ‘e popolo, voce e’ Dio (Voice of people, voice of God) because I will tell you why you shouldn’t visit Naples. Many tourist had agreed on this. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Yes. Naples is tempting, heartbreaker and I bet you have just booked and planned a journey in the most wonderful city of the world. I am so sorry for you because you’ll never forget this place because you could fall in love with, indeed, you will fall in love with it and, at the end of your journey, you’ll get back to this article to confirm all the reasons why it’s better don’t visit Naples.

So, in the following lines, I will tell you five reasons not to Visit Naples.