Set on a tuff block more than a thousand meters above level sea, Vico Equense is situated. The city of Vico has very ancient historical origins, mentioning Silla and the Roman emperors who left their mark on these lands, but even before the Greeks and then populations of any kind who left their mark on the history of the city. Located under the Sant'Angelo mount, Vico Equense acts as an entrance to all the beauties of the Sorrento peninsula, but also hosts a myriad of attractions and awesomeness to see that brings hundreds of tourists every year to visit the beautiful village between sky and sea .

From Sant'Angelo mount it comes to bathe its roots in the Tyrrhenian Sea, passing through all the villages and hamlets that precede it and act as preamble, Vico Equense is a pleasant surprise for those who do not know it and want to try a beautiful oasis on the borders of the Gulf of Naples and on ten minutes by train from Sorrento, but let's discover together what are the things you can't miss if you come to Vico.

The 5 things to see or do in Vico Equense

Vico is one of the most beautiful cities to be found on the Amalfi coast, among all its proposals, besides the obvious natural beauties seasoned with nature trails, there are artistic and cultural details of exquisite workmanship, which are worth visiting.

Santa Maria Annunziata's church

Among the most popular photos that you will find on Vico you cannot help but find the one in which the beautiful Santa Maria Annunziata' church is framed. Built around the sixteenth century overhanging the sea on a piece of rock on the coast, there is a graceful church with typically Gothic features but with a baroque façade that for many years fulfilled the function of cathedral of the whole diocese of reference.

Giusso's castle

Giusso's Castle was built in the 13th century, they told by order of Carlo II D'Angiò, on the sea promontory, it was used more as a military stronghold than as an house, but in the mid-19th century it was restored and used as a residence by the Giusso family, from whom it took first name. Of particular note is the cycle of frescoes in its interior and the palatine chapel.

The Scrajo spa

We talked about natural beauties and in this case, the city of Vico is surpassed. The spa complex of the Scrajo was born at the end of the nineteenth century, exploiting various springs of sulphurous water with incredible benefits, so much so that they were even used as a cure for various pathologies. The complex is very important, so much so that there is even a railway stop, which is in charge of visiting these pure places.

The Santa Croce dry land

The "bench" of Santa Croce is a dry land, among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean sea. For the more adventurous, this shoal, in the summer period, is a must to visit as it hosts different species of both animals and vegetables, including red coral, which you will hardly find in other areas around the Mediterranean.

Food and shops

Like all the Campania cities, Vico Equense also has its own commercial and culinary tradition. The whole economy, here, is based on natural resources, from agriculture to farming to fishing, which offer ideas and typical products that enrich all the local shops. Among these products you must try the famous Provolone del Monaco, a dop cheese, both sweet and spicy, exported throughout the national territory or riavulillo a particular type of very spicy caciocavallo served together with other dishes. Honorable mention also to the pizza of Vico Equense, if you pass by these parts you cannot not try one, in fact, the proud popular tradition decanted that the pizza was born precisely in these lands.

Vico Equense is a natural land that connects us to the beauties of Naples and those of the Sorrento peninsula, a place where you can spend some quiet days in close contact with the nature and origins of this place. If you want to spend your free time in a natural landscape, a stone's throw from the sea, Vico is the place you are looking for and if you want to stay, right here is the bed and breakfast Doneduà, a very elegant and at the same time modern structure that you offers the maximum in services and comfort to enjoy a dream vacation.

So what are you waiting for? Run to discover the wonders of Vico!