The Neapolitan song: an art known all around the world

Naples is rich of culture: art, music and theatrical works . The Neapolitan songs, especially the ancient and classical music, are known all around the world, some songs are stories of the city's history and inspired many international artists. 

The music has always been part of the city's tradition, the historical Neapolitan music takes its origins from the birth of historical pieces but also the creation of historical instruments, created and used by the musicians who have made their career in the shadow of Vesuvius.

An aperitif with 'Neapolitan Traditional Song'

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The music of the Neapolitan songs can can be as soundtrack of happy ora sad moments, but what is certain ... This songs can be used in outside and inside stage, at the indoor and outdoor theaters, it can be very pleasant as background music while your are drinking a glass of wine at an aperitif.

All this is possible thanks to UnderNeaTh, or 'Under Neapolis Theater', a place dedicated entirely to the world of theater, located right in the heart of the historical center of Naples, for each of next weekends will be set up for a concert where will perform musicians from classical music and opera singers. A sweet Neapolitan music in a very relaxing and characteristic atmosphere.

The event is the 'Neapolitan traditional song' (click here to reserve a seat or receive more information about the event), it startat sunset sunset, it's the ideal time for an occasion with this romantic atmosphere. The concert starts at 6.30pm and ends at 7.45, approximately. This series of concerts started in May and will continue for each weekend until the end of June.

For this weekend there will be a concert every day, so also on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then there will be the midweek break and the musicians will play again in the next week-end. The start and end times of the event will always be the same for each day. The event will take place near Via Tribunali, precisely Largo Proprio di Arianiello 12, inside the building.

The ideal opportunity to enjoy a very special aperitif, a glass of wine and the perfect music to make your weekend as pleasant as possible.

Largo Proprio di Arianiello, 12