The Schiacchetiello beach: a corner of paradise in the beaches of Naples

Naples hides treasures in every corner, places where nature has expressed all its inspiration that enchants you to look at them and lead you to live them in every aspect. Among all the beauties that the city can offer, one of the most famous, is the Phlegraean area.

For centuries the Phlegraean area has always fascinated the hundreds of visitors who are preparing to visit its coastline full of beauty. And right here between the earth and the blue sea between Baia and Bacoli is a small corner of paradise: Punta Pennata with its Schiacchetiello beach.

Ulysses in the sea of Naples... and the Schiacchetiello beach

Opposite the Punta Pennata islet is the Schiacchetiello beach, a beauty set among the tufa rocks that overlook a small mirror of clear sea water.

A small cove wedged between myth and history. In fact the story tells that even the navigator par excellence, Ulysses, had landed on these shores inebriated by the beauty of these places. But next to the myth there is often history, which has been handed down from very ancient origins, already around the 4th century AD and evidence of this history are the remains of the Roman military port and some villas.

A young islet in the Gulf of Naples: how to reach the Schiacchetiello beach

The islet of Punta Pennata was recently formed following a tsunami in 1966 which submerged the strip of land that connected the current islet to Bacoli, creating this beautiful inlet.

The Schiacchetiello beach is a piece of paradise that can be easily reached through a small boat or through another beauty of Baia, namely the Piscina Mirabilis. In this area two caves are well known, now transformed into tunnels called "Grotta del corallo" and "Grotta di Nerone", which had the function of draining the water to avoid sanding.

Not far from this beach there is also a small cave with a thermal spring inside. The whole complex is part of the marine reserve of the Campi Flegrei Regional Park.

A poem written by nature is what you will find in this place!