The Belvedere di Pizzofalcone has always been one of the landmarks of Naples, certainly one of those with the most impressive and bewitching beauty. On 9 April, work was finally completed on the Monte Echia lift, the point from which to admire the belvedere. It's one of the most beautiful views of the entire city, from where it's possible to admire the entire gulf of Naples.

We are located in the Santa Lucia district, one of the most fascinating areas as well as one of the most central, given that we are both close to the historic centre and near the fantastic waterfront. It goes without saying how much good it can do to make the view of the belvedere as accessible as possible from this point in Naples. 

Let us discover together how to reach Monte Echia to enjoy the Belvedere of Pizzofalcone in all its beauty. We present the complete guide to look out over Naples and breathe in all its charm. 

What is the Monte Echia: history and origins of the belvedere

Everyone is crazy about Monte Echia. It is indeed difficult to find a Neapolitan, or even a tourist captivated by the wave in the air, who has not flocked to the Pizzofalcone belvedere since the opening of the lift. And yet, the history of the Monte is a centuries-old one, full of charm, tales and traditions. Indeed, it was here on this promontory that Parthenope (later Neapolis) was founded in the late 8th century BC. C., although there are remains that go back even a few centuries.

In the Imperial Age, the mountain hosted the famous Lucullan gardens, full of exotic plants and characterised by luxury and aesthetics. In ancient times, its name was Platamon, meaning 'cliff hollowed out by caves'. Indeed, inside Mount Echia there are innumerable caves, which tradition held to have been inhabited since prehistoric times and up to the classical age. Among the gardens, the great Villa of Licinius Lucullus, which is right next to the Pizzofalcone belvedere, is famous. 

The opening of the lift of Monte Echia and its guided tour

The long-awaited inauguration of the Monte Echia lift leading to the Belvedere di Pizzofalcone took place on Tuesday 9 April. The construction works started about 15 years ago, so a long wait after which the happy epilogue was reached with a magnificent result. We are talking about a true boast for the entire city, a jewel to be pampered and cherished. We find two lifts ready to welcome us, which will take us from via Santa Lucia-via Chiatamone to the Belvedere di Pizzofalcone, rising to a height of 55 metres. 

The two cabins have a capacity of 18 people each for each trip, a good capacity that can quickly dispose of the traffic of people. This is not the end of the story, because not only is the free visit to the belvedere open, but from 26 and 30 April guided tours have also started. It is ANM that organises this with the following appointments: 10:30, 12:00, 17:30 and 19:00. The cost is €6.50 (excluding the €1.30 ticket), and can be purchased online at Eventbrite. 

How to reach the Monte Echia and the Belvedere of Pizzofalcone

Once Monte Echia and the Belvedere di Pizzofalcone have been presented and told, all that remains is to clarify one fundamental thing: how to reach this now much sought-after destination. As already announced, we are in the Santa Lucia district. The lifts start from via Santa Lucia-via Chiatamone, which is the street of restaurants and luxury hotels overlooking the sea. We set an itinerary starting from Piazza Garibaldi, the city's central station.

The easiest way by public transport is to use Metro Line 1 and get off at Piazza Municipio, from there a short walk and you're there. Still by metro but with Line 2 there is the Piazza Amedeo option, but in this case you have to walk a lot more than before; eventually, there is the 140 bus to take halfway. The last option is bus 151, which leaves from Piazza Garibaldi and arrives in Via Morelli, 650 m from Monte Echia. Anyway, it's very easy to reach the mount: so hurry up!