Dali in Naples in a path to discover his "brand"

From October 25, 2019 to February 2, 2020 will be held "Branding Dalí. The construction of a myth", set up at Palazzo Fondi. The exhibition, organized by LelesArt, in collaboration with con-fine editions and Me-diterranea Art is curated by Alice Devecchi and aims to give a glimpse of the branding operation that Salvador Dalì himself has carried out around his name to his character.

Branding Dalì: at Palazzo Fondi exhibition of works

The exhibition examines some areas of the artist's production that help to understand the path of "dalinization" that he pursued through a variety of channels, some very distant from proper art: fine series graphics, posters, books, as well as objects in porcelain, glass, silver, terracotta, all bearing the signature and style of the famous surrealist artist, for a set of more than 150 works, from the collections of the French company Mix's Art and orchestrated in a striking setting designed by ART.URO Art and Restoration.

Particular importance is given to the engraving and printing techniques experimented by Dali throughout his career: dry tip, lithography, xylography and many other techniques with which the artist gave life to the "Tauromachie surréaliste", "de Les douzes Apostoles", "Le Bestiaire de La Fontaine dalinisée", all works in the exhibition along with the collection of xylographic illustrations of the Divine Comedy, visible in full.

Salvador Dalì's attention to these techniques underlines the master's interest in mechanical production and the serialisation of his works, which is also the result of the artist's obsessive search for economic success and fame, a search that earned him the nickname "Avida Dollars", the famous anagram of his name coined by the father of surrealism, André Breton.

It is possible to see a real serialization and industrialized production of works branded Dali in the case of the creation of plates, bottles and playing cards, all everyday objects produced under his brand and visible at the exhibition.

The exhibition Branding Dalì, therefore, takes the visitor along a path through the process of building a real "brand" Dalì, a process that had the purpose, at a time when people began to question the value of art "at the time of technical reproducibility", to transfer this value, until then linked to the uniqueness of the artwork, the uniqueness of the artist himself.

As evidence of the validity of the path taken by the surrealist master, even today, years later, this route is the subject of fascination on the part of art lovers who will be able to relive it at Palazzo Fondi.

The exhibition will be documented by a catalogue published by con-fine editions with critical texts by Alice Devecchi.

The exhibition at Palazzo Fondi consists of works from the French collection of the company Mix's Art, specializing in the work of the surrealist master Salvador Dalí.

Information and opening hours

25 October 2019 - 2 February 2020 - Palazzo Fondi - via Medina 24 - 80133 Naples

Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays h 10-20 (ticket office closes at 19) 25 December closed, 1 January h 15-20

  • Full price tickets € 11 / Open and Fast Lane € 13 Reduced € 9 over 65, children 11-15 years
  • Reduced € 8 groups (min 15 max 25 pax)
  • Reduced € 6 university students on Wednesdays, schools (min 15 max 25 pax)
  • Reduced € 5 children 6-10 years (free 0-5 years), journalists with card Online sale on Vivaticket.it

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