Christmas Eve in Naples: the morning of December 24th

Here we are, Christmas has arrived. There's really not much left, but are we sure we know how to spend Christmas Eve? No, it is not a promotion for a trip to a distant place. Live in this day like a real Neapolitan.
Is it a day of celebration? Half a party, the shops are open but up to a certain time. How do we live this day? We have the perfect program to make it more intense as possible.
8.00 - We wake up early, we definitely have some gift still to do, there is always that friend who calls and says: ''shall we meet for the wishes? Igot you a little gift ...''. So there's a quick solution, Corso Umberto or Via Toledo. We have to return the gift, we are all better at Christmas.
10.30 am - You go for sweets for the evening around the city, on the Neapolitan tables can't miss the Christmas desserts, in addition to those that are prepared at home, such as struffoli. We can see a lot of people go around the city , in a few hours, however, we need to free ourselves, we don't forget the lunch.

Christmas Eve in Naples: Neapolitan lunch

12.30 - Organization of the lunch, someone might think "Well, I keep it light that there's Christmas dinner tonight", but no, it's impossibile. How can you can say no to a fried pizza? No, you can't, really. Call a friend who has spent the same morning and choose the pizzeria.
1.30 pm hours - After choosing the pizzeria, you go. You can eat take away or comfortably seated, the Neapolitan can't forget this ritual. Be sure that even most traders, despite having a busy day at work, they will find ways to respect the tradition.
3.00 pm - After a lunch so abundant, a talk with a friend, we start again. Surely someone has called from home, certainly missing some detail to make this day perfect. You will see a lot of neapolitans going up and down around the city, looking for food or decorations to set the Christmas-themed table.

Christmas Eve in Naples: the afternoon aperitif in the city ... until dinner

5.00 pm - But after all this going up and dowun around the city, you need to relax. And the hour of the aperitif has arrived, even if it belongs to the more modern tradition than to the historical, the Neapolitan from this hour at dinner time stay with his friends, to talk about gifts and what he has prepared to face the Eve's dinner. You can have aperitif, usually in the nightlife areas, in the lounge bar near Riviera of Chiara and around the historical center (between Piazza San Domenico and Piazza Bellini).
8.00 pm - Now, run at home, you are waiting at a family challenge around the table. We have been preparing for this during the year, we start from that thousands of dishes, dishes more or less inclunding the scary salad of ''Rinforzo'', until the roundup of desserts. Many hours later.

Christmas Eve in Naples: from Neapolitan evening to night

0.00 am - 24 is past, now it's 25. Calls storms, a lot of messages between Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram stories to give good wishes to everyone. You put the little statuette of Jesus on the Presepe, as tradition. A nice pledge and ... Now we dance, or rather we play.
0.30 am - The night of the 25th is a very long night and you prepare to play Tombola or neapolitan cards, all around the table ready to shout the numbers of the cabala but mainly to shout ''Tombolaaaaaa ''. 
In ending, we have tried to prepare you for a ''Christmas Eve like neapolitan people '', merry Christmas and ... Don't make any mistake, we'll recommend!