The fish market: the Christmas eve night in Naples

Crowding the fish market on Christmas Eve is one of the oldest traditions in Naples and its surroundings. A tradition that has been going on for centuries with the Neapolitans who go to these markets on Christmas night, not only with the idea of ​​buying the best one for Christmas dinner, but also with the intention of visiting these places and its atmosphere. Everything is enriched by the "songs" of the fishermen and sellers who praise their merchandise and Christmas atmosphere. But where do you go to experience these emotions? Here there are the best fish markets in Naples!

Shopping in the night of Christmas Eve: the markets of Naples

Among the most famous fish markets in the Christmas period you can visit the Porta Nolana market, a stone's throw from Garibaldi station and the port of Naples. Here you can find all the ingredients for the Christmas dinner from sea bream, homarus lobster and lobster, the inevitable seafood, the capitone(large eel) and the so-called pezzullo of cod. On the night of the Christmas' Eve, between 23 and 24 December, the Porta Nolana market becomes an unavoidable stop for those who want to buy fishes but also for those who just want to experience the Christmas atmosphere through simple sales at night.

Another equally essential stage is the Pignasecca market. Renowned also for the tradition of dried fruit, the Pignasecca market is an offer not only of fish but also of traditional Christmas foods to be tasted already cooked. A few steps from the Piazza Dante and the Montesanto station, the Neapolitan Christmas tradition takes hold. 

Also at the Vicaria, better known as the Vasto from the Neapolitans, there is a fish market. Near the central station of Naples, throughout the day of December 23rd, a market of typically Christmas specialties comes to life. 

Moving from Naples, we arrive at another historic port since the time of the Greeks, that of Pozzuoli one. Here the night before the Christmas' Eve  comes to life the fish market of Pozzuoli. It is a fundamental step for fish lovers, but also for those who must make large stocks of fish merchandise. On the waters of the sea of ​​ancient Puteoli, you can find all the Christmas specialties of the Neapolitan dinner, but also particular species of imports from other ports of Italy and beyond. 

But there are also two other ports distinguished by their particularities: Torre Annunziata and Torre del Greco. Here the markets offer the possibility to buy fish directly on the beach or on the pier by the fishing boats to grab the freshest fish.

All Naples dresses up before Christmas. Do not wait any longer, come and enjoy Christmas in Naples!