Christmas in Naples

The magic of Christmas involves everyone, but for children, it has always been the most magical and desired time of the year. It will be due to the expectation of the myth of Santa Claus, to the delicacies at any time or simply because everyone is together. If we then take Christmas and place it in Naples, the effect can only be wonderful, especially for children.

Naples is filled with beauty for Christmas and above all, there are many initiatives for the little ones in the city and its surroundings. Discover with me what to do at Christmas with the children in Naples.

Santa Claus meets children in Edenlandia

The most famous entertainment park in Campania dresses up for the holiday season, with lights, elves, marzipan houses and candy canes, all evocative of Christmas. From November 30th to December 6th Edenlandia will hosts the Magic Christmas event.

Between a classic nutcracker and a snowman, children can meet Santa and his elves who will populate the entire complex. Admission to the longest-running entertainment park in Italy is free.

Laboratory of Nativity scene art for children in the Sanità Neighborhood

The nativity scene has always been a Neapolitan tradition ever since it was invented by Saint Francis in 1223 and always brings the greatest to the smallest in preparation. On the heels of Natale in casa Cupiello, the famous film by Eduardo De Filippo, in which the father tries in every way to attract his now-grown son to the crib, so from 1 to 22 December every Saturday and Sunday there will be a laboratory entirely dedicated to the nativity scene and the realization of the shepherds in the underground spaces of the Catacombs of San Gennaro.

In the end, the crib of the little ones will be completely exposed together with the historical one of the eighteenth century kept here. The entire initiative is free for all children.

The village of Santa Claus in Giugliano

In the outlines of Naples, every year, a real Christmas village is born. Just as if we were in the legendary town of Santa Claus at the North Pole until December 31, in Giugliano in Campania, reindeers, igloos, polar bears, snowmen, elves appear to make up the magical village of Santa Claus.

Entry is free from Monday to Saturday, both for the home of Santa Claus, where children can meet their myth and personally deliver the letter, both for the polar area where among trains, adorable penguins, nutcrackers and who has more the more you put the magic of Christmas comes to life.

Christmas Wine fest in Taurasi

One of the ideas to bring the family together and make the young and old feel wonderful is the Christmas Wine Fest in Taurasi. In the beautiful town that gives birth to one of the most famous wines in the world, there will be an event dedicated to both the food and wine culture and the Neapolitan Christmas tradition. 

From the nativity scenes art to the lights, passing by artisan shops, little Christmas markets and decorated parks as a celebration, the whole initiative will give emotions for the whole family. For the little ones there will be the "Santaclaus post office" where you can meet Santa and his elves, take a picture and give them the famous letter.

You can find out more about the Christmas Wine Fest and book your ticket directly online by clicking the button below.

These are just some of the initiatives where you can conduct your children and make them surprise with the magic of Christmas. Naples also gives dozens of other initiatives in every corner of the city, particularly in the historic centre where every glimpse of the city blows Christmas air.