Una Città della scienza a Napoli: things to see in the interactive museum

Città della Scienza is a scientific cultural center and also the first interactive scientific museum in Italy.

The Science Center of Città della Scienza includes 4 areas: Corporea, the exhibition space dedicated to the human body, the 3D Planetarium, the interactive exhibition dedicated to the sea and the latest dedicated to insects. 

Corporea is a space of new opening completely interactive. It is a journey to discover the human body through the themes of health, biomedical science and prevention. During the visit, it will be possible to experience virtual reality, games and laboratories. In addition, there are also thematic islands to accompany the visitor on a journey between present and past.

Città della scienza: a Planetarium in Naples in three dimensions

The 3D Planetarium is definitely a beautiful experience. Recommended for those who love the stars and who want to immerse themselves completely in our sky.  

The show includes short movies and live shows of the sky: it will be possible to discover the stars, the theories of the ancients and explore our solar system.  

The Planetarium of Città della Scienza is one of the most avant-garde in Italy, absolutely worth a visit.

How you can reach to Città della Scienza by public transport

Città della Scienza is on the sea of the Bagnoli's area. The museum can be reached by public transport. A few steps away there is the station of cumana (a sort of underground of the Flegrean area) of Bagnoli. Moreover, near the underground station of Campi Flegrei (Line 2) there is a bus stop "Tecchio-Diocleziano", where you can wait two bus lines (the R7 and the C1) which lead directly out to the Città della Scienza.

It is recommended to visit the website to get information on the timetable and prices of Città della Scienza in real time.

Via Coroglio, 57/104, 80124 Napoli NA