Naples is the capital of Italy, or at least of the Italy of the web. In fact, We Are Social, which for a decade now has been showing the relationship between individual national realities and internet users, has placed the city of Naples in ninth place overall in Italian Google searches in 2021. 

What makes this achievement even more special is the absence of other Italian cities in the ranking. A domination from every point of view that can only make the heart of every Neapolitan proud. 

2022 Digital Report details

Alongside Naples in this special and asymmetrical ranking are a wide range of topics. First of all, there is the weather and the translator, naturally topics that are as universal as possible as they can embrace the sphere of tourism. Next we find Serie A and news, TV programmes and the ever-present social media, above all Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Fortunately, the coronavirus is in obvious decline, coming in only 19th place. 

An important result for the city of Naples

A few numbers from the Digital Report 2022 show how great this success is for Naples. In fact, 84.3% of the population, i.e. more than 50 million people, are online at least six hours a day. Considering that 73.6% of Italians search for news online and 94.6% use Google to carry out all kinds of searches, it follows that finding Naples in ninth place among searches is an extraordinary result. 

This is a fantastic achievement that should not be ignored, but should be an input through which we can strive for excellence in tourism. The ball is in the court of the institutions and companies, the main means of promoting the city's growth and economic and cultural development. Guaranteeing an increasingly high-quality tourist offer would make Naples the first and only city to be permanently the most clicked on year by year. A first step could be to start from the main searches on the city, such as the Veiled Christ, Pompeii or pizza, and enhance them by planning packages and offers in this regard.

If on the one hand imagination and passion have always accompanied Naples in its growth, this time it is the numbers that speak for themselves, and it is the ever-accurate world of the web that takes over and lends a hand. Certain numbers cannot be ignored if you want to think concretely about the well-being of citizens and the city in more general terms. In a way, it is also easier than in the past, when these means were not really available. So it is appropriate to arm ourselves with good will, strategy and action for the future of Naples.