Piazza Garibaldi (Naples Central Station)

Where everything begins. It is the square of the central station: from here starts Corso Umberto (Umberto Avenue), the street which introduces us to the city if we come from abroad or from the hinterland. Not only the Avenue but also the square has become a shopping center to visit. It has just been restored, it is similar to the other European central stations thanks to its modernity. At the end of Corso Umberto, opposite to it, we can find Piazza Giovanni Bovio (Giovanni Bovio Square), where we can admire the  Vittorio Emanuele II’ s statue, with the king represented while riding a horse, and the historical Palazzo della Borsa (Trading Center Palace).

Piazza Dante

A very large place, where you can find the historical national boarding school Vittorio Emanuele, a beautiful statue of the famous poet Dante Alighieri that rises just in the middle of the square. Altough the square is the representation of the historical part of the city, it is also a key point for the underground circuit. From here you can easily reach Piazza del Gesù (Jesus Square) e Piazza Bellini (Bellini Square). The first one is famous as a place of worship with Chiesa del Gesù nuovo (Gesù Nuovo Church) and it is not so far from the Santa Chiara Monastery too. Instead the second one is the meeting point for the night life. They are not far from Piazza San Domenico (San Domenico Square), another famous square of Naples’ city center. Here starts also the famous Via Toledo (Toledo Street) and the street that bring us to the Vomero quarter.

Piazza Vanvitelli

Just going up to Vomero we find this square that is a crossroads. Standing just in the middle of the square and pointing to the north we can see the climb that bring to the hill quarter at left, instead behind us there are the shopping streets, that have such a large extension in the area. At right we can see the greenbelt of the city and we can easily reach the amazing Villa della Floridiana. And what if we go on following the north direction? We have two possibilities: the first one is going up to San Martino Charterhouse and Sant'Elmo Castle or we can reach the important Toledo Street or another important square by underground.

Piazza Municipio

Piazza Municipio connect the harbour zone and the shopping steeets. Here we can find many benches, where we can relax around the Fontana del Nettuno (Neptune’s Fountain). In the background there is Palazzo San Giacomo (San James’ Palace), historical location of the townhall, made in neoclassical style. Here there are some strategical stops of the underground and the bus too. All this on the seaside. Near this square we can find Via Medina, rich in restaurants where you can eat on the streetside. And opposite the square? There is the majestic Maschio Angioino, one of the oldest castle to visit and discover in Naples.

Piazza del Plebiscito

Here we are very close to the seaside. This is a magnificent square where we can find the Basilica reale pontificia San Francesco di Paola (San Francesco di Paola Royal Pontifical Basilica) with his splendid columns e the majestic Royal Palace with the beautiful statues of the king of the past. All this is near the Biblioteca nazionale (National Library). In this point we are not so far from another Square, Trieste and Trento’s one. In the middle of this square we can find Carciofo’s Fountain. Piazza del Plebiscito is a key point: by one side we have the dedicated to the shopping, to the street food with Toledo and Chiaia street, instead on the other side we are very close to the Lungomare (Seaside) and to the Santa Lucia street, that bring us directly to the seaside.

Piazza della Vittoria

Here we are just in the middle of the Lungomare. It is a square rich in trees with the Villa Comunale nearby. In this place we can find numerous restaurants and many shops too. The zone is easily reachable by bus or by foot, arriving from the nearest underground stop. Here we are in the quarter called Chiaia, which is famous thanks to the night life: you will find many lounge bar for an happy-hour walking to Piazza dei Martiri (Martyrs Square) . Alternatively you can walk along via Caracciolo (Caracciolo Street) with the sea on you side.

Naples is all, also magnificent squares that you only have to explore…