The origins of Positano

The origin of Positano is shrouded in mystery. A beautiful pearl perched on a steep slope that ends its descent into the clear waters of the Amalfi coast.

Positano is a place all to visit, discover it with me.

The history of Positano

The story of Positano has ancient origins. There is some news of men already from the Stone Age who populated the caves in the mountains of Positano, while the Romans built several villas, showing the marked propensity for peace and the good life of this place since the origin of time. In the following centuries, Positano acquired a privileged situation in the gulf so that it was often attacked by enemies, which led to the creation of a vertical city with the hamlets of Nocelle and Montepertuso at the top to act as strongholds. Military needs also led to the construction of some watchtowers placed in strategic places in the town.

The name Positano is also due to the story of a miracle occurred a few centuries ago after some sailors heard an effigy of the Madonna exclaiming: "Posa, Posa!", Hence the name and also the tradition of the feast for the Assumption, a holiday deeply felt by the locals.

What can you see in Positano?

The things to see in Positano and its surroundings are many and vary from the most varied themes. You can visit places of culture, go hiking by sea or trekking on the most tortuous paths of the coast or taste the local dishes with a view of the blue sea. Here are some of the places to visit absolutely or the experiences to try in group.

The church of Santa Maria Assunta: the black Madonna of Positano

The cornerstone of Positano is undoubtedly none, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Famous because above the altar there is the effigy of the aforementioned Madonna. The Byzantine black Madonna with the Child is one of the symbols of the city worldwide.

The church has a classic style interior with Doric columns and Ionic capitals stuccoed in gold, but the place of greatest interest is, undoubtedly, the dome, entirely covered with majolica.

MAR Positano - The Roman Archaeological Museum

The Roman Archaeological Museum of Positano Santa Maria Assunta is an archaeological site, made as a museum. Opened in 2018, it already boasts several firsts.

The complex is located in the area of ​​the Roman villas found here at the end of the eighteenth century. The plant is divided into an underground part, divided into two crypts, and a room of the Roman villa.

The frescoed walls of the villa are the first and only example of Roman painting on the coast.

Where to go on the beach in Positano

In a place viewing the sea, I could not recommend the beaches. Each of them has a peculiarity that makes it unique and different from the others. The Grande beach is the most famous and crowded, as well as the place of the miracle told before, on the one hand, we have a view of the Li Galli islets, also known as Sirenuse, where according to legend, the sirens who enchanted Ulysses and his crew took refuge on the other the view of the historic centre of Positano with its colourful houses according to the typical coastal tradition. Also, there is the Fornillo beach, more sheltered, but with unique beauty. Here you can also visit one of the watchtowers, the Saracen tower of Fornillo, built in the period of the maritime republics, to protect themselves from enemies, rebuilt in the early twentieth century.

Among the other beaches, there is: Arienzo, reachable by sea and therefore much more intimate and suggestive because it is obtained from an inlet. While the other towers included those of Sponda, the oldest and cylindrical in shape,and Trasita.

The path of the gods: from the Amalfi coast to the Sorrento coast

One of the most common practices in recent years on the coast is that of trekking. Among the most famous paths for trekking, there is certainly the path of the gods. A path that takes you from Agerola to Positano through places uncontaminated by man where myth and reality mix repeatedly.

Along the path there are many places to visit and the path takes us straight to Positano and its 1700 steps that overlook a breathtaking view of the sea, Capri and Li Galli.

A tour around Positano

Visiting Positano and the whole Amalfi coast is an obligation for those who love to travel, especially if you come to Naples.

The coast is boundless and visiting it all could be difficult if not disorienting if you are not organized, for this an easy way to get around this and enjoy all the pleasure that the peninsula offers is to rely on a tour operator. One of the most popular tourist tour agencies on the coast is

The agency offers multiple services, establishing an almost intimate relationship with the customer, to make him feel at home. Among the many services offered there are private guides who take you to visit all the cultural attractions of the coast, tasting of local products, making tours to the beautiful neighbouring places such as Pompeii, Herculaneum or even mini-cruise tours to reach Capri and the like.

So if you are in Naples travelling, maybe on a cruise, will help you discover the beauty of the entire Amalfi coast. What are you waiting for? Run to Naples and come to the Amalfi coast!