From the Greeks to the Roman Empire: the birth of Pozzuoli

Puteoli, or better, Pozzuoli is since its origins a wonderful corner of paradise loved by the Greeks first and then by the Romans, up to the present day. Right here, there are many traces of an active life already millennia ago, which, even today, manages to offer dozens of attractions and unique features of its kind.

The temple of Serapide, the Flavian amphitheater... Art and culture in Pozzuoli

Pozzuoli has a millenary history that reverberates between its streets and its buildings. If you are in Pozzuoli you cannot avoid visiting the remains of Greek-Roman history, such as the Flavian amphitheater with the temple of Serapis in the heart of the town, or even the Piscina Mirabilis together with the cave of the Sibyl, or the Sanctuary of San Gennaro or the Rione Terra.

All the history of Pozzuoli is gathered in a few kilometers but has a millennial duration. One more example of modern art is the Olivetti complex, a high example of rational architecture of the Neapolitan post-war period.

Nature in Pozzuoli: from Lake Averno to the volcanic area

The nature in Pozzuoli seems to have become a commitment, in the bowels of the city it makes the burning magma of the largest volcano in the world flow, the porous and humid soil makes nature revolve throughout the year, while the sea with its many shades in based on the sky, he remains cautious there to alleviate the city.

Among the natural beauties of the Phlegraean city I cannot help but mention the Solfatara, the place where the largest volcano in the world finds its outlet with rivers of red-hot mud and also sulfur fumaroles, the lake of Averno, bordering the municipality of Cuma, a stretch of water narrow in a strip of land that the ancients considered the entrance to the underworld, the oasis of Montenuovo, the youngest volcano in Europe, born in the 1500s in just two days.

What to do in Pozzuoli: from the nightlife to the beaches

Pozzuoli, in addition to excursions and art, offers incredible fun and many attractions. The waterfront is a beautiful place to meet and stroll along the seashore, overlooking the Procida Island, Ischia and the Procida Mountain between a bar and a fish restaurant to reach the dock of the port where the Puteolan nightlife.

You can head to via Napoli and find fun and excitement at every corner, as well as a promenade of several kilometers.

Where to stay in Pozzuoli

The Phlegraean capital is a destination for tourists and enthusiasts who, each year, storm it during the summer. A pearl wedged between the creeks of the Phlegraean coast, which you can visit in an extremely easy way also through the activities that shelter in Pozzuoli, above all, the Vulkan Capsule Hostel, the first capsule hostel in Campania, which with its smart and fast mode offers the opportunity to fully enjoy the Puteolan experience.