23 March is remembered in Italy and in the music world as the birthday of Franco Battiato, the historic singer-songwriter born in 1945 and who passed away on 18 May 2021. In this regard, from March 23 2024, is possible to watch 'DiversaMente: un'esistenza Outsider', a documentary inspired by the beloved artist. 

The documentary is finally available on YouTube, a way to celebrate Battiato's immensity and poetic nature, precisely on what should have been his sixty-ninth birthday. The work, directed by Lorenzo Marinelli, and with the support of Peppe Lanzetta, is the brainchild of Massimiliano Marcucci and Marco Gentile.

The interwined stories of the characters of DiversaMente

"DiversaMente: an outsider existence" is a documentary full of real life, of souls that you can touch with your fingers and feel in their pure depth. The protagonists of this story are Cristiano, Martha and Antonio, all three sharing the same destiny: to change their lives in the name of love, passion and the pursuit of freedom. 

Cristiano is a climber from Veneto who left the frenzy of the city to create a paradise overlooking the sea of Positano with his family. Martha is a dancer who has decided to make a living from dance and nature by creating an eco-sustainable retreat. Finally, we find Antonio, a modern-day faith warrior who has built a church surrounded by nature, becoming a true spiritual reference point for the community.

The courage to choose in the sign of the 'maestro' Battiato

The common thread of DiversaMente lies in the pure soul of Franco Battiato along with his many valuable teachings. In fact, his voice and thoughts on matter, 'conditioned' beings and the need for independence and freedom echo loudly in the air. And it is precisely the need to elevate oneself and escape from the system that oppresses from the very beginning: 'freeing oneself is the solution'

And it is precisely from the desire to free themselves and search for themselves that the parallel lives of Cristiano, Martha and Father Antonio move. All united by the need for awareness and freedom. The whole docufilm carries with it an invitation to personal growth and transformation. It is a sort of mirror in which to look at oneself and understand if one's life choices are correct and if it is necessary to find the courage to change. All in the name of authenticity

Where and how to watch "Diversamente: un'esistenza outsider"

The documentary 'DiversaMente: an outsider existence' was premiered in 2014 at the Rome Independent Film Festival. However, it will be released in full for the first time on Saturday 23th March 2024 on the DiversaMente: an outsider existence YouTube channel. It will be a praiseworthy way to celebrate the birthday of the late 'maestro' Battiato, with the hopeful wish 'that this humanity will rise in rank'