Christmas in the villages of Campania

The city of Naples shines the most during Christmas, but it's not just the city itself that shines. Even in the villages and small towns around the city, there are dozens of initiatives that will make your Christmas even more wonderful.

Here is a collection of villages where you can celebrate Christmas.

Christmas markets in a ghost town

At the expense of the title, the village of Apice Vecchia offers a fascinating Christmas. The Ettore Castle will host one of the most evocative Christmas events in the entire province of Campania, the multi-theme markets of Apice Vecchia. Apice Vecchia is a small village in the province of Benevento that has a rare peculiarity, the number of its inhabitants is zero. A little centre, no longer populated about the last 80 years old, which comes alive with Christmas events and markets during the Christmas holidays.

Among the streets of Apice Vecchia, the Christmas spirit creates new vital lymph among lights, colours and parties everything comes to life even where it no longer exists.

The tallest Christmas tree in Europe is in Campania

In Irpinia, in the municipality of Caposele, the highest Christmas tree in Europe has been set up. A 33-meter fir will be illuminated by a series of 2 kilometres of illuminations and over thousands of small light bulbs.

With over 100 stands including crafts, food and wine, local products, typical winter products such as chestnuts, truffles, cheeses and hazelnuts. Among other things, a "corner of Santa Claus" will be set up for the little ones where children can meet their myth among reindeers, snowmen and elves.

The longest Christmas tree in Campania in Moiano

In Moiano, near the Valle Caudina, the longest Christmas tree in the whole of Campania stands out authoritatively. Visible from across the valley, the Moiano tree designed on the side of Monte Lecito with a path of 450 meters of LEDs announces the beginning of all the neighbouring countries of the Christmas holidays.

The event has now reached its nineteenth edition and attracts curious people from all over Campania to see a work of lights that are prepared several months before Christmas for its greatness out of reach.

The first wine-making Christmas tree in Europe in Campania

One of the most famous traditions of the whole Irpinia is the wine production that comprehends illustrious representatives like Taurasi and Greco di Tufo together with Fiano. About Fiano, in its native town, Lapio, Christmas arrives in a completely unpredictable way.

Instead of seeing a tree with lights and balls, as usual, Lapio hosts the first oenological tree in Europe. It's the first Christmas installation dedicated to the wine tradition with a height of 6 meters and filled with bottles of wine from the 7 native cellars of Lapio, demonstrating how much these lands are linked to the production of Italian wine.

Also in these lands, in the village of Taurasi, there is a Christmas event completely dedicated to the local food and wine tradition: the Christmas Wine Fest, where the magic of Christmas comes to life among wine tastings and local products. You can book for the Christmas Wine Fest directly online, on the official website of the event.

The largest nativity scene in Campania in San Martino Valle Caudina

In the Valle Caudina several small medieval villages have a centennial history and among these of the most famous is San Martino Valle Caudina, also due to its particular Christmas tradition.

San Martino Valle Caudina houses one of the largest life-size nativity scenes in the whole of Campania. The streets of the town are invaded by the most famous scenes of the traditional Neapolitan crib and by the history of the town itself. Walking through the streets and squares of San Martino you can find artisan shops with trades, that are by now obsolete, from the coopers to the ramai (copper workers) till to the nativity scene in a real crib in the crib.

These are just some of the historic villages that surround the city of Naples, but there are hundreds more that hide history and secular culture along with the Christmas tradition.

What are you waiting for? Come to Naples to visit all the historic villages.