A great success in the field of food, the ninth edition of Napoli Pizza Village.
Here the attendance has exceeded one million participants, pizza is increasingly being the spearhead of Italian gastronomy, hotels overbooked and foreign tourism have done the rest, rewarding this food festival with numbers really important in terms of membership.
Even the Arabs seem to be convinced and would like the food festival in Dubai. Foreigners enthusiastic, therefore, with more than 30% of members.
It is with these numbers that the time will come for Napoli Pizza Village to fly to New York, for the celebration of Columbus Day (5-6 October) turning on 30 ovens and thus completing the first step of the great project of internationalization desired by the organizers.

"What was once considered 'only' as the largest outdoor pizzeria in the world has now become the strongest incoming and promotional lever in Naples. It is a fixed event and not a 'one-shot' appointment, as happened in the past with other events in the area, which must be defended and supported without interference or contamination" - say Claudio Sebillo and Alessandro Marinacci, organizers of the Napoli Pizza Village 2019.
"The considerable presence of foreigners underlines the resonance beyond national borders produced by this format that will serve to promote Naples and Campania abroad, which is why we have launched a project that will see us protagonists in various cities around the world.
The most visible fact, which gives prestige to this edition of the Napoli Pizza Village, comes, in fact, from abroad. The presence of foreigners has reached peaks of unexpected participation, exceeding by far the share of 10% in the last year, and increasing to an excellent 30% that indicates the internationality achieved by the event, which also recorded a growth in visitors from various Italian regions.
The Napoli Pizza Village is therefore a reality that thinks in a local and global way and that will allow the Campania region to have an additional spokesperson for its enhancement.
The event, which has just ended with a crowd bath under the stage of RTL 102.5 for the concert of Mahmood and Fred De Palma, has also recorded the participation of many starred chefs, from Niko Romito (3 Michelin stars) to Gennaro Esposito (3 forks Gambero Rosso and 2 Michelin stars) to Alfonso Iaccarino (2 Michelin stars) who have supported the work of pizza makers participating with insights on the raw materials used and the contamination of growth of pizza in Italian gastronomy.
Moreover, the participation of numerous multinational and national companies, linked to the event, also underlines the strategic value of Napoli Pizza Village, which, having stopped playing the role of the food festival these days, will now become a business reality that will create a driving force and induced for next year, that of the tenth anniversary, but above all a platform of opportunities for business partners who will follow the path of internationalization. We must therefore expect the best for the next edition.