Walking around Naples, we can recognize many places that have been set in the cinema over the years. Here we want to list 5 of them: follow us in this discovery!

Troisi Stairs

Troisi Stairs are in Chiaia neighborhood: they are dedicated to Neapolitan director Massimo Troisi and they are the set of “Scusate il ritardo“. We remember all the scene where Trosi discuss love penis of Lello Arena under the rain.

How to reach Troisi stairs

Metro 2, Piazza Amedeo stop, take Via Crispi for 700m, the stairs will be on the left.


Do you remember the takeaway pizzeria where Sophia Loren works in “L’Oro di Napoli“? The episode talks about the beautiful Loren who thinks she have lost her ring in the fried pizza dough. Here, this pizzeria still takes pizzas out of the oven in Materdei! Don’t miss it!

How to reach Materdei

Metro 1, Materdei stop.

Villa Volpicelli

Every night at 08:30 PM Villa Volpicelli, in Posillipo, goes in the house of Italians as Palazzo Palladini. Exactly, we are talking about the Neapolitan soap opera “Un posto al sole”. The villa is one of the most beautiful of Posillipo and boasts a beautiful garden and a breath-taking view.

How to reach Palazzo Paladini - Villa Volpicelli

Metro 2, Mergellina stop, bus 140 in Piazza Sannazzaro, Posillipo-ist. Cimarosa stop.

Pizzeria da Michele

The pizzeria “Da Michele” in Forcella is one of the most famous in Italy and abroad. In the 2010, it was set of the movie “Eat, pray, love” with Julia Roberts. The main character, Julia Roberts, starts a journey around the world searching happiness. Naples is among her stop-over and, like a real tourist, goes to eat pizza “Da Michele”. After all, how can not you be happy in front of a big pizza?

How to reach Pizzeria da Michele

From Piazza Garibaldi take Corso Umberto I, turn to the right in Via Cesare Falcone.

Palazzo Pandola (Piazza del Gesù)

Palazzo Pandola has been chosen many times as a movie set. We remember his red facade in an episode of “L’Oro di Napoli”, in which De Sica plays cards with Gennarino, son of the janitor. And then, in “Matrimonio all’italiana” the palace is the house of Sofia Loren and Marcello Matroianni.

How to reach Piazza del Gesù

Metro 2, Montesanto stop. Or Metro 1, Dante stop.